The RecPoker panel of Steve Fredlund, Jim Reid, Chris Jones, Rob Washam, John Somsky, and Andrew Feist discuss what they have been learning, struggling with, and working on in regard to recent on-line poker experience. They also take a look at a hand history from the Russia Super High Roller Bowl.

ITM ($800k to 5th/$3.7 mil 1st), FT, 5 left. Folds to us (Adrian Mateos, chip leader at 3.4 million at the 15k/30k/30k level) in SB. We open QsQc to 65k. BB (Timothy Adams 1.8 million behind) defends. There is one short stack at table (about 650k, rest of table besides Mateos is all around 1.6-1.8 million). Flop is 8d6d3s. Mateos leads for 100k. Adams raises to 320k. This is the spot I want to talk about. It’s a spot where I flat almost 100% of the time, and I plan to continue big on turns that aren’t death such as 5d, 7d, 9d. But Mateos shoves. Is this purely an ICM move? What should Adams be calling with here? Is this a better play than flatting? Is this a flat in different spots, but not here? Or is this potentially a mistake? (IRL, Adams calls with Kd10d and spikes a K on the river).

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Time Stamps

0:00 Welcome & Introduction
1:05 RecPoker “Top Two”
2:13 Panel check-in: Learnings, wrestlings, and focus areas playing online recently
28:45 Poker hand analysis: Hand from Russia Super High Roller Bowl (SHRB)
56:14 Home Game Updates (including Social Distancing Series)
58:10 RecPoker Membership Content Updates: Seminar & Premium Partner Content Sharing
1:01:01 Closing Comments
1:06:14 Final Announcements

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