The crew reflects on RecPoker Day at Running Aces on February 29, 2019, including picking Rob’s brain on his two deep runs that day. We include a sample of interviews conducted on RecPoker Day as well as the expansion of RecPoker through new programs and our first official ambassador, Josh Schwartz in Colorado. We also look at a hand history from Shayan Bhattacharyya where the panel all have some different perspectives on the approach to the hand. 

Check out the RecPoker Train and Connect page for information on joining our membership site or discord channels.  The RecPoker Home Game page has all the info to join in our home games on the first and second Wednesdays of each month.

Time Stamps

0:00 Welcome & Introduction
1:45 Listener Question from Shayan
25:02 Rob’s Deep Runs on RecPoker Day
41:47 RecPoker Day Recap and Interviews
52:50 RecPoker Ambassador in Colorado
56:25 New Opportunities for Coaching, Home Games, and Bar Leagues
1:00:21 Running Aces Player of the Week and Binks
1:02:03 Other Announcements 


RecPoker Rob

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