RecPoker | Episode 465 – LoriAnn Persinger

By Jim Reid
March 21, 2023

This week Jim Reid and the RecPoker RECing Crew interview recreational poker player LoriAnn Persinger! LoriAnn shares some stories about her time in the military, becoming an expert on winning game shows, what changed (or didn’t change) after her big WPT score, why streams are so important to her learning about poker, and how her enthusiasm and positivity has opened doors for her in the poker world and in life!

Plus  we give away a free prize at the end for folks in the YouTube chat. Join us on YouTube next Monday at 7:30 ET for free to ask our guests questions in real time, and you can win too!

LoriAnn is active on Twitter as https://twitter.com/LoAnPer66

We also go over this week’s home game results and discuss these topics:
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Time Stamps

03:48Welcome & Introduction
06:03Introduction LoriAnn Persinger
06:52How LoriAnn defines her role in the poker world
12:43LoriAnn on women being underrepresented in the live game
17:50LoriAnn shares the story of her Navy boot camp
21:48How comparable is entering the military as a woman to playing poker?
27:34LoriAnn talks about her winning story at the WPT event
33:56Moving on to different stakes: adjustments to LoriAnn’s approach
40:50What studies or preparations LoriAnn did before going to the game
44:15LoriAnn on common pool or casting systems
48:44Wheel of Fortune: LoriAnn’s favorite game show
01:32:36John: Home Game Result updates



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Jim Reid
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Jim Reid

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