Poker legend Maria Ho joins RecPoker to talk about her worlds of playing poker, commentating poker, and doing reality TV. Maria shares a bit about growing up in a conservative Chinese family and how that impacted college and how she approached getting into poker.

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Time Stamps

02:07 Introduction to Maria Ho
02:29 What’s the latest with Maria?
04:19 How Maria improves her game 
06:32 Does Maria still encounter situation she’s not familiar with?
07:20 What are the keys to her game that made her a winning player?
10:11 Maria talks about having studied Law.
12:30 When did Maria know that she’s really into poker?
17:21 What are the things Maria really loves to do ?
20:32 Who are the people she gets inspiration from?
24:12 What did she think about WSOP held online ?
28:37 Maria’s  perspective on Doug Polk vs. Daniel Negreanu
31:24 Maria’s experience playing with the Try Guys  
42:09 John: Home Game updates 
46:58 Rob: Book study updates