Farid Jattin is currently ranked #8 in the Global Poker Index and is the all-time leading money winner from Colombia with $5.6 million in reported as per the Hendon Mob. We talk about his beginnings in poker and his journey to the top of the poker world. Farid is convinced that learning in community is critical for not only success, but balance in life. He has recently started group coaching which ignited the panel to get excited about forming a group to learn and hang out together. You can connect with Farid at faridjattinpoker.com

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Time Stamps

00:00 Welcome and Introduction
02:36 Introduction to Farid Jattin
03:37 Farid’s poker story
06:23 Was there resistance playing poker from his parents and people?
09:38 Farid’s experience playing online world series of poker
11:23 How was Farid’s January?
13:17 What focus really is at his level
16:45 What does Farid look for at first when sitting at table?
19:37 Advice to rec players on how to add the aggression
24:02 How does Farid work on his game?
25:39 Farid’s approach in teaching/ coaching
28:54 How does it help engaging with community or other people
33:00 Types of place in different areas that can be utilized
47:01 John: Home Games update