Gareth James, known as Gazellig online, has been a tournament poker coach since 2012, teaching the strategies to be successful at multi-table tournaments both live and online. He has worked with all manner of players, from those getting their feet wet in the wonderful world of tournament poker for the first time right up to the high stakes cash game players wanting a tournament poker primer before one of the biggest tournaments of the year. Find out more at

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Time Stamps

0:00 Welcome & Introduction
6:50 Introduction to Gareth James
8:57 Finding the most joy in the poker
14:09 Key to advancing the game
19:15 How to approach slow playing aces?
22:14 Recent hand played on ACR
30:26 Discipline to stick with the plan
49:19 Bet sizes
1:03:09 John: Home Games update
1:06:18 Rob: Book Study update, “The Game Plan”
1:08:56 Chris: Content updates
1:10:40 Taylor: RECing Crew updates
1:14:17 Josh: Updates and plugs