Jason Su, author of “Poker With Presence: Unlocking the Final 15%” joins the panel. Also joining the panel is special guest Woody Adams, the newest member of the RECing Crew. Jason talks about the importance of the mental game of poker, shares some easy exercises, and shares his own personal experiences. He also gives insight into an actual example from Chris Jones of how we can get thrown off our optimal game.

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Time Stamps

0:00 Welcome & Introduction
2:38 Introducing Jason Su
5:19 How Jason helps recreational players
6:27 How to take the first step
7:41 How to get back from losing and confusion?
15:20 How to approach a situation when everything seems to go wrong?
25:50 Body intelligence
45:22 Woody’s backstory
48:13 John: Home Games update
51:34 Rob: Book Study update, “The Game Plan”
52:04 Andrew: Content update and announcement
54:28 Woody: Instagram plan