One week ago, relaunched with an amazing new website. The crew talks about the website, but with a focus on how it is just a tool to achieve our ultimate vision — the creation of a vibrant and encouraging poker learning community. We love poker; and we love playing and learning in the context of relationship… and now, finally, we have the tool to help us do that effectively.

Make sure you check out to find out how to join the community for free! If you want to upgrade to Premium or the RECing Crew, use the code RELAUNCH to get $50 off your annual membership.

Time Stamps

0:00 Welcome & Introduction
1:13 Introduction to  special guest: Mark Praschan
2:36 The Rec.Poker website & membership
13:55 How Mark integrates the importance of community to the website.
16:11 Some broad parts of the website people should know about
26:14 Mark: Direct messages and groups
39:58 How to tell people about the Rec.Poker community
50:00 Most important thing people should think about when building a website
55:18 John: Home Games update
1:01:35 Rob: Book Study update, “The Game Plan”
1:06:17 Chris: Content update, the RecPoker Seminars
1:10:13 Steve: Two types of Online Play & Hang (OPaH)