Jerry Yang has an amazing personal story of growing up in Laos, escaping to Thailand, and ultimately moving to the slums of Nashville, Tennessee. He worked hard on his education, which ultimately served to be his path out of poverty. In 2005 he started learning poker and only two years later found himself on top of the poker world having won $8.25 million and the WSOP Main Event Championship… all from a $225 satellite. An amazing story that Jerry wrote about in his autobiography called, All in: From Refugee Camp to Poker Champ.

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Time Stamps

0:00 Welcome & Introduction
0:30 National Collegiate Poker Tour & Red Chip Poker special
4:12 Welcome Jerry Yang
5:40 Jerry Yang: Laos to Thailand to Nashville
16:03 Jerry Yang: Learning Poker
24:33 Jerry Yang: Verbal Tells in big 3-handed pot of Main Event
32:19 Jerry Yang: Advice to Recreational Players
34:21 Jerry Yang: Life Lessons
36:25 Jerry Yang: On the book, All In: From Refugee Camp to Poker Champ
39:54 Jerry Yang: Final Words, Invitation to his restaurant, and WSOP 2021 Lunch Date!
43:35 Jim and Steve reactions.
46:07 Round Robin: John – Home Game Updates including Winners
48:23 Round Robin: Chris – Membership Content update
49:05 Round Robin: Rob – Book Study updates (Matt Matros, The Game Plan
52:05 Round Robin: Steve – Next Online Play & Hang (OPaH), pins & merch
56:20 Round Robin: Jim – Website updates
56:52 Closing comments
Jerry Yang