Tips for Choosing Best Poker Chips to Play at Home

By Marcus Harmon
June 05, 2022

If you’re looking to host a poker game at home with your friends, you’ll need a few things to get started. The most obvious thing you’ll need is the deck of cards, but you should also have some chips for people to bet with. You don’t need to necessarily exchange chips for money, but betting chips on each hand will help keep track of who’s winning. Playing poker without betting chips is a lot less fun, so they’re definitely an important thing to include in your poker night.

poker chips

When choosing chips, you don’t have to buy the most expensive ones, but good quality chips are important to get the look and feel of a real poker room. Playing poker in person is a lot different from playing at the best poker sites, and the chips help set it apart. While the best online poker sites have virtual chips, they’re not quite the same as the real thing. Here are some tips to help you choose the best poker chips to play with at home.

How Many Chips Are Needed?

How many chips you need will depend on how many players you invite and how long you prefer your games to last. Be sure to plan your event carefully, so you know all the details. The most common poker chips you’ll find come in the following sets:

  • 200 chips – This small poker set is ideal for travel due to its compact size. While you won’t be able to have big games with this, you can still have decent one-on-one games and smaller games with a few friends.
  • 300 chips – Slightly larger than the previous set, this is more suited to small games with friends. Usually, around five to seven players are best for this set, and it will normally come with between three and five colors.
  • 500 chips – Much better suited to larger games, and you could even use it across two separate tables if needed. This set will often come with up to five colors and is one of the best choices for all occasions.
  • 750 chips – If you intend to have long games or games with lots of players, 750-1,000 chips is best. While it’s more expensive, it’s the best choice for larger groups.

Chip Material

Chips can be made out of a few different types of material, which will obviously affect both the price and the quality. Higher quality chips look and feel better, but they’re going to be a lot more expensive. That said if you intend to host a lot of games, having quality chips is a must.

  • Plastic – Plastic chips are the most common and cheapest option. While they’re hard-wearing, they tend to feel very light in hand, which some players don’t like, as they’re harder to count and stack.
  • Ceramic – Ceramic chips are a more high-quality option that serious poker players will use. They’re heavier while still being strong and long-lasting. They also slide across the table more easily and are easier to stack. However, they’re not cheap. A good set of ceramic chips can set you back a few hundred dollars.
  • Metal – Although not very common, metal poker chips can be a good choice. They tend to be made from aluminum, which makes them solid yet lightweight. Many antique poker chips are made from metal, so they’re often a collector’s item. As a result, they can be very pricey.


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