Are No Wagering Casinos Useful for Poker Players?

By Julia Krotova
January 07, 2021

What if you could play your casino welcome bonus and cash out your winnings without limitations? Yes. It is possible in a no wagering casino. One of the biggest complaints by online gamblers is wagering requirements by online casinos. Players say the casinos deny players winnings by using opaque terms and conditions. This sneaky trick leaves many new bettors high and dry and often disappointed. But no wagering casinos have come to change all that. You can now enjoy your well-deserved wins without restrictions.

What has to be considered is the fact that not every type of bonus applies to all players and game types. For example, you can get free spin bonuses which will work for slot players, or you can get free bet bonuses that will work for sport punters, but what about poker players? Is it just the deposit bonuses that apply for table games? The answer to this is no. No Wagering bonuses are also applicable to poker players and here is why.

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What is a No Wagering Casino?

In simple terms, a no wagering casino does not have restrictions on its bonuses. Playthrough requirements are terms that a player must meet to withdraw the wins that come from staking the wins.  For example, to redeem a $10 welcome bonus with 10x playthrough, a bettor has to:

  • Play the $10 bonus 10 times without losing
  • Play with odds not less than 10
  • Win more than $100 using the $10 bonus as stake

The chances of losing are high in any of the three choices for the player and minimizes losses for the casino. Apart from playthrough terms, a casino may have other restrictions such as:

  • Spinning a set minimum number of times
  • Use the bonus funds within a specified period
  • Use a set amount of the bonus; e.g., half or all of it

In a no wagering casino, the player gets a transparent deal. There are no playthrough requirements or limitations on withdrawing wins from a staked bonus. Often, no wagering bonuses apply when a player meets specific eligibility criteria. These could be:

  • Making a minimum deposit when signing up
  • Earning a specific number of loyalty points
  • Reaching a certain level in a levels game
  • Participating in a VIP promotion

No Wagering for Poker Players

If you’ve gotten this far in a Cardplayer Lifestyle article, by now you’re probably wondering how any of this information  would benefit a poker player? Well if you are joining a new online casino to play poker at, you might not want to tie yourself into all the different wagering requirements in case you prefer to play at a different casino. So what you can do is play poker at a no wagering casino and then withdraw your funds whenever you like! So when you sign up, claim the welcome bonus, play some poker and then take whatever you have in your account when you are finished. It’s as simple as that.

Also if you are a beginner when it comes to online poker, this is a good way to start out. Claim your no wagering bonus and use it on a variety of poker games to ease your way into it. There are many poker casinos out there that offer no wagering bonuses. 

Why Use a No Wagering Casino?

There are many benefits to joining a no-wagering casino as compared to a conventional online casino.  Here are some of them;

You Have Time to Learn

Bonuses help new players explore a new casino and games without much risk. A no wagering casino works well for both slow and fast learners because there is no time restriction. If you can learn a new game in a few hours, you can use your bonus stake and enjoy your wins soon. If you are a slow learner, you have as much time as you need to become comfortable and use your stake.

Use a Part of the Bonus and Cash Out

Unlike in a conventional casino where you have to use all your bonus spins or cash, a no wagering casino allows you to use part of the bonus. You can cash out the winnings of the partial stake if you want or reload it as a stake.

Certainty During Play

There is no ambiguity when playing in a no wagering casino. If your expected winnings were $50, this is what you get. There are no surprises at the end of your gameplay. You can use this certainty to better manage your bankroll.

No False Hopes

Playthrough requirements can be a kill-joy. For example, you use your welcome bonus and win $100. But then you find out it is impossible to cash out this win. Upon reading closely, you then find out that you have to play through your bonus four more times before cashing out. You decide to give it a try, but end up losing all your money before you’ve managed to play through enough times. No wagering play does not have such kinds of disappointments.

Higher Likelihood of Winning Long-term

While your odds of winning at casino games with no wagering are no higher than wagering when there is a set minimum of odds or spins, the payoff is in the long run. A conventional casino bonus play forces you to continue playing after winning, which exposes you to more potential loss. You stand better chances in a no wager play because you can stop playing whenever you want, including right after a win.

No wagering casinos offer transparency that is absent in ordinary casinos. It’s for that reason that if you’re a poker player on the lookout for a good online casino to play at, you ought to search for one that offers no wagering bonuses.



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