Poker Podcasts

The poker world is filled with a number of great sites putting together excellent poker podcasts for recreational poker players and pro grinders alike.

Cardplayer Lifestyle founder Robbie Strazynski is the co-host of PokerNews’ Top Pair Home Game Poker Podcast. Be sure to have a listen!

New (PokerNews network) episodes here.

296 archived episodes here.

PokerNews’ Top Pair Home Game Poker Podcast is geared toward the tens of thousands of poker players that host or participate in home games with friends, family, co-workers, college buddies, neighbors and people that live in their area. Hosted by Bruce Briggs and Cardplayer Lifestyle poker blog founder Robbie Strazynski, they give you tips on all aspects of the home game genre as well as insightful & entertaining stories of poker action at the felt in the basement, garage, family room and anyplace else you get together to play. Plus, they feature tons of great interviews with some of poker’s biggest names, and dig deep to learn about their home game escapades from way back when…


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