Introducing The Ultimate Online Poker Platform for Home Games

Unshuffled ( is the first online poker site built specifically to replicate the social home game experience. Borne out of the desire to help keep friends and family connected during the pandemic, the company’s goal is to recreate the feeling of playing with your friends in person. It started back in March of 2020 – the first stay at home order had been announced in California. Like many of us, I moved back home to be with family, and on one fateful night I heard a commotion coming from my dad’s office. I walked in to find him in front of three monitors, yelling at his friends, who were collectively coming up on 40 minutes of trying to get Zoom set up for their now-weekly online poker night.

I should probably give my Dad and his home game crew a bit of credit. First of all, they’re all 60+ and to say they are technically challenged would be an understatement. Second, and more pertinent to what Unshuffled is all about, their group does NOT play Texas Hold’em or PLO. Instead, they play games called “Wally World”, “Double Board Omaha”, and “Iron Cross”. As a result, they tried to piece together their game with three different components: one site for cards, Zoom for video and audio, and a complicated Excel spreadsheet to keep track of chip counts.


My Dad looked over to me and said, “Jake, there has got to be a better way to do this”, I emphatically nodded “yes”. To our surprise, however, we really couldn’t find any online poker software that catered to these oddball, home games. So, we “went all in” and spent the next three hours working through how to create it ourselves. Fast forward a year and change, and Unshuffled is proud to debut!


Creating Unshuffled: The Process

Building Unshuffled has been one of the most fun and exciting challenges I’ve ever taken on. There is an enormous amount of competition in the online poker space, so building something novel was one of our primary goals. Our team spent an enormous amount of time on refining the platform’s design and brand, ensuring that it felt real and not gimmicky or like you were in a casino.

Every decision during the software development process had to pass our “play at home” test. If it felt like you were playing in person, at home, then we knew that we were moving in the right direction. Our obsession with replicating the in-person, home game poker experience is what drove us to develop the unique, innovative online infrastructure that:

  • allows players to build their own custom games
  • includes built-in audio and video
  • animates the cards to be positioned and to move just like on a real, physical poker table

The result is, the perfect online poker platform for social, home-game poker. Players connect automatically through our video and audio streams at their table and can select from any number of the preloaded games that come with the platform.

Want to play hold’em all night? No problem. Feel like mixing it up and letting the dealer decide the game? Play in a dealer’s choice room. Critically, if you don’t see your favorite home poker variant on our list, you can create it yourself! Now, for the first time ever, you can finally bring your “crazy games” that you’ve been playing forever with your friends, online.

We’d love for you to try it out yourself and play your next home poker game online. Sign up for free at and start playing with your friends today!



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Written By.

Jake Hershfield

Jake Hershfield is the founder and CEO of Unshuffled. He and his father have been been playing home games for as long as he can remember, and he has used those experiences to build the Unshuffled platform. Before Unshuffled, Jake was a Product Manager at a variety of different companies, both large and small, building […]

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