Doug Polk Joins CoinFLEX Cryptocurrency Exchange as Brand Ambassador

By Ivan Potocki
December 03, 2021

Doug Polk is one of the best-known faces in poker and the founder of Upswing Poker, one of the industry’s leading training sites. But, for some time now, Polk has been interested in other areas of the cyberspace, with cryptocurrencies in particular capturing his fancy.

Polk has dabbled in cryptos for the past few years, and even started a YouTube channel dedicated to this topic, which has over 160K followers. However, it seems that the retired poker pro is now ready to take his involvement with the cryptocurrency world to a whole new level.

Namely, Polk has officially become a brand ambassador for CoinFLEX, a popular cryptocurrency exchange platform, dedicated to creating solutions that bring together crypto markets and investors. The goal is to offer is a safe environment where users can both trade crypto and earn money via investing.

Doug Polk

Image credit: Doug Polk, Upswing Poker

Why Doug Polk of All People?

The company has picked Polk for the ambassador role for several reasons. The main goal that CoinFLEX strives to achieve through this deal is reach the mainstream audience, but also get closer to specific demographics that are inherently closer to crypto.

Joining forces with Polk achieves both of these goals. Doug’s audience consists primarily of poker players, traders, and investors. These are people who are more willing to take risks and understand and appreciate the higher risk / higher reward setup.

With CoinFLEX aiming to become the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, this is exactly the kind of audience they need to attract.

“As CoinFLEX continues to grow we are excited to partner with Doug Polk, one of the top poker players in the world and an amazing community builder and educator. His reputation precedes him in the poker and crypto worlds and we are looking forward to reaching his audience and expanding the CoinFLEX community with Doug on the team,” said Mark Lamb, the company CEO.

What to Expect in the Future?

It is no secret that Doug Polk has retired from actively playing poker as he continues to pursue other (lucrative) interests in life. After moving to Texas and recently getting married, the American poker phenom is now ready for new challenges and opportunities, and the world of cryptocurrencies certainly presents plenty of both.

Just a couple days ago Polk appeared on his YouTube channel for the first time in a while to discuss what’s been happening in his life over the last few weeks, as well as some of his plans for the future.

In that vein, the partnership with CoinFLEX doesn’t come as too big of a surprise. Polk’s high profile and big following on the social media have probably opened many potential doors, but this was the one he deiced to go through.

“I am excited to announce that I have come on board as the lead ambassador of CoinFLEX. I first met the CoinFLEX team a few months ago, and right out of the gate I was impressed. Their current products and future plans are interesting, unique, and useful. More importantly, they are all about providing value to their customers. I am thrilled to work with such great people, and have very high hopes for what we will accomplish together,” said Polk about taking on this new role.

The company clearly has big plans for the future, and having Doug Polk on board will almost certainly help them achieve these goals. It’s also worth noting that Doug isn’t one of those guys who’ll endorse just any old product or idea out there, so if he’s decided to accept this role, it can only be because he truly shares the CoinFLEX vision.



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