888poker Stream On Contest Registration Begins

By David Huber
March 03, 2024

888poker Stream On registration 2024Registration for the 888poker Stream On contest, to determine who will be awarded a one year talent sponsorship contract, is now officially underway.

This once in a lifetime opportunity to turn your poker streaming abilities into a representative, poker-themed streaming coverage is extended to poker streamers who are age 25 or over.

Will YOU be the next member of the 888poker Stream Team, joining the likes of current company ambassadors like Nick Eastwood, Josh Manley, and others? Read on to learn all the important details on how to compete for a highly coveted membership slot through the 2024 Stream On contest.

Stream On Contest: Preliminary Requirements

In order to be eligible to win the 2024 Stream On contest, you will need to complete the following process by Friday, March 15th.

  • You will need to sign-up and become a member of the 888poker Discord Community
  • You will need to complete the details and submit the 888poker Stream On application form
  • You will need to become a member of 888poker’s Stream On Twitch Community
  • You will need an active, verified account on the 888poker site in good standing
  • Must be at least 25 years old to participate in this contest
  • Contest begins on Saturday, March 16th, and concludes on Monday, April 15th, 2024

2024 888poker Stream On Contest: Details & Criteria

To have a chance to become the next 888poker streamer, your general knowledge of how the game is played, poker streaming setup, and community building efforts should already be in place.

Once you have completed the prerequisites for competing in the 2024 Stream On contest, there will be a few stipulations to remain in contention throughout the entire judging period.

  • Contest requires that you stream a minimum of 4 hours per week
  • You must stream 888poker content exclusively during the 30 day judging phase
  • 888poker will confirm your eligibility (via email) during the registration phase (March 1st-15th)
  • Contestants will need to show the BeGambleAware 18+ banner at all times when streaming
  • Video titles of all streams must begin with ‘888poker Stream On’
  • “Mature Content Filter” for all Twitch streams must be activated
  • “Subscriber-Only” mode for Twitch VODs must be disabled — all your Stream On VODs should be available to the public
  • A designated command and timer will need to be created for Stream On content
  • Consult the 2024 Stream On Terms & Conditions page for complete details

Improve Your Chances of Winning: 888poker Stream On Poker Sponsorship Deal

There are a few things that 888poker players and judges will be looking for when determining the eventual winner of the 888poker Stream On contest.

Here are a few guidance tips on how to improve your chances of winning.

Do you possess a basic, fundamental understanding of how the game of poker is played?

You should be extremely familiar with game rules for any poker variant that you are playing, or commentating on, while participating in the Stream On contest.

Does your personality while performing on-air resonate with the 888poker target audience?

The way you relay information and communicate overall should be in line with (and appealing to) the 888poker target audience.

Do you engage with followers and maintain a consistent social media presence that revolves around poker?

Judges will evaluate contestants’ social media presence on platforms such as Twitter/X, Facebook, and YouTube. How you communicate with and relate to the audience you’ve built will be a grading point for Stream On contest judges.

2024 Stream On Contest Prizes (Awarded Weekly)

Contestants will receive prizes upon participating in the 2024 Stream On promotion through 888poker.

Basically, the more you stream each week, the more prizes you will receive. These awards will be provided to all qualifying contestants, regardless of their ranking among judges.

  • If you stream at least 4 hours per week, your 888poker account will be credited with a $22 online tournament ticket
  • If you stream at least 6 hours per week, your 888poker account will be credited with a $55 online tournament ticket
  • If you stream at least 10 hours per week, your 888poker account will be credited with a $109 online tournament ticket

In addition to this, 888poker will hand-select a single “Top Moment of the Week” to be featured within its own official and social media communications. The streamer whose content is picked each week will receive an extra $109 online tournament ticket.

Who Will Determine The Next 888poker Brand Ambassador?

There will be a dedicated Judging Panel, chosen by 888poker, that will assist in deciding the eventual contest winner.

Votes from verified members of the 888poker Discord Community will count towards 50% of determining who the next 888poker Brand Ambassador will be.

Related comments and emails from actual 888poker players will also be considered during the 2024 Stream On judging phase.

Who “Shouldn’t” Register for the 888poker Stream On Contest?

There are a few factors that could automatically disqualify a streamer from participating in the 2024 Stream On Contest.

  1. STREAMING SETUP: If you are not properly set up to stream live content online (i.e. inconsistent or poor internet connection, lack of hardware/software integration), then those issues will need to be resolved before receiving a confirmation email from 888poker.
  2. MINIMUM AGE REQUIREMENT: Due to UK regulations concerning gambling content, you will be automatically deemed ineligible if you are not at least 25 years of age.
  3. CONTENT EXCLUSIVITY: If you will be streaming third party content between March 16 and April 15th, then you will not be eligible to win the first place prize of becoming the next 888poker Brand Ambassador. This includes coverage of other online poker sites, but also extends to third party content related to other genres such as video gaming.
  4. BANNED PLAYERS: If you have previously been banned from competing at the tables by 888poker, then you will not be eligible to participating in the 2024 Stream On contest.

Register Now for Your Chance to Become an 888poker Brand Ambassador

Follow the steps provided near the top of this article to REGISTER NOW, and compete for this once in a lifetime opportunity to become a paid 888poker Brand Ambassador through your streaming content.

The judging period will take place from March 16th through April 15th, 2024.

The eventual 2024 Stream On contest winner will be formally announced by 888poker on Monday, April 22nd, 2024.

Best of luck in your quest to expand upon 888poker’s commitment to providing top-notch streaming content to its audience!



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