2024 WPT Cambodia Event Preview: The new World Poker Tour season kicks off at NagaWorld

Cambodia will host the first Main Tour stop of the 2024 World Poker Tour season. The WPT Cambodia festival will be played from January 17 to 30 at the NagaWorld Integrated Resort in the capital city of Phnom Penh. The WPT Cambodia  Championship event will begin on January 25 with a guaranteed prize pool of $1M.

The WPT Cambodia Championship

The most important tournament of the festival will begin on January 25 with two initial days and will carry a guaranteed prize pool of $1,000,000. This will be the schedule:

  • Day 1A: Thursday, January 25 at 11:30 AM (11 levels are played)
  • Day 1B: Friday, January 26 at 11:30 AM (11 levels are played)
  • Day 2: Saturday, January 27 at 11:30 AM
  • Day 3: Sunday, January 28 at 11:30 AM
  • Day 4: Monday, January 29 at 11:30 AM


  • Buy-In: $3,500
  • Re-entry: Unlimited until the start of level 10
  • Starting Stack: 50,000
  • Blind levels: 60 minutes on Day 1 and then go to 90 minutes
  • First level: 100/200 with Big Blind Ante of 200
  • Guaranteed Prize Pool: $1,000,000
  • Action Clock: Will be introduced on Day 2
  • Late Registration: Start of level 10
  • Payouts: 12,5%

WPT Cambodia 2024

The 2024 WPT Cambodia Festival

Notably, this year’s festival has been elevated from Prime to Main Tour status. Events will be played from January 17 to 30 and will feature 44 tournaments with buy-ins ranging from $200 to $10K. In addition, super satellites will be available for the higher profile tournaments on the schedule. Below, we list all festival events:

#1 Nagaworld Superstack17 of January12:30$40050K30 min.
#2 SuperStack Turbo17 of January18$20040K15 min.
#3 Championship Warm Up18 of January11:30$80050K40 min.
#4 Megastack Mini HR18 of January12:30$2,200300K25 min.
#5 Freezeout18 of January14$23015K20 min.
#6 Deepstack Turbo18 of January18$55020K15 min.
#7 Pot Limit Omaha19 of January11:30$30020K30 min.
#8 Hyper Turbo19 of January20$23015K10 min.
#9 Mystery Bounty 200K GTD19 of January11:30$80040K30 min.
#10 Megastack High Roller20 of January12:30$5,000300K30 min.
#11 Short Deck20 of January12:30$30020K30 min.
#12 Deepstack Turbo Big Bounty20 of January18$55020K15 min.
#13 Freezeout21 of January11:30$23015K20 min.
#14 Single Day High Roller21 of January12:30$3,000100K30 min.
#15 8-Max Survivor Bounty22 of January11:30$1,10040K30/40
#16 Megastack22 of January12$30030K25 min.
#17 Super High Roller 10K22 of January12:30$10,000250K40 min.
#18 Deepstack 20/15/1022 of January19$55020K20/15/10
#19 Superstack Freezeout23 of January12$23040K25 min.
#20 Megastack Action Clock24 of January11:30$40030K25 min.
#21 Single Day Challenge 10K24 of January12:30$10,000200K30 min.
#22 Ladies24 of January17$20015K20 min.
#23 Short Deck Hyper Turbo24 of January19$20020K10 min.
#24 Hyper Turbo 1K24 of January20$1,00025K10 min.
#25 WPT Cambodia Championship25 of January11:30$3,50050K60/90
#26 Deepstack Freezeout25 of January11:30$40020K25 min.
#27 Turbo PLO Bounty25 of January16$23020K15 min.
#28 Shootout26 of January11:30$30015K20 min.
#29 Superstack Turbo26 of January17$55040K15 min.
#30 PLO Hyper Turbo26 of January20$20020K10 min.
#31 Mini HR Hyper Turbo26 of January21$2,000100K10 min.
#32 Pot Limit Omaha27 of January12$80030K30 min.
#33 Mini Championship27 of January12:30$1,10050K30 min.
#34 Mini High Roller27 of January18:30$2,200150K30 min.
#35 Freezeout 20/15/10/527 of January20$30015K20/15/10
#36 Bounty28 of January11:30$80030K30 min.
#37 High Roller 5K28 of January16$5,000100K40 min.
#38 Superstack Turbo Freezeout28 of January17$30040K15 min.
#39 Superstack Classic Freezeout29 of January11:30$80050K30 min.
#40 Micro Championship29 of January16:30$30050K25 min.
#41 Re-entry 1K29 of January19$1,10050K30 min.
#42 Superstack 6-Max Finale30 of January11:30$40040K20 min.
#43 Turbo 1K30 of January15$1,10050K15 min.
#44 10/10/1030 of January17:10$20010K10 min.

The World Poker Tour has produced an excellent, information-filled WPT Cambodia Players Guide for you to check out. It’s chock full of details and everything you need to know regarding the festival’s events, satellites, structures, and more.

The WPT Cambodia Venue: NagaWorld

The NagaWorld Integrated Resort in Phnom Penh is Cambodia’s only premium casino and one of the country’s largest 5-star hotels, with 1,658 rooms and suites. The complex has 20 restaurants, two luxurious spas, a theater, and an underground shopping center that sells the best foreign brands. The casino houses a sports book to place sports bets (the only legal one in the country) and in the large poker room you can play cash games with stakes ranging from $1/$3 to $20/$40.

And of course, if you’d like to step outside the hotel and get more acquainted with the local culture, there are plenty of non-poker activities in Phnom Penh.

2023 WPT Prime Cambodia Highlights

Last year’s festival was played from March 9 to 23, and among the festival champions were players from Vietnam, Taiwan, India, Japan, Australia, Thailand, Russia, Finland, Ireland, England, Latvia and South Korea. The main event was part of the WPT Prime circuit and had 1,011 $1K entries, handing out $970K in prize money and nearly doubling the $500K guaranteed prize pool. The winner was Japan’s Reiji Kono, who earned the biggest prize of his career after a 3-handed deal: $121K.

Reiji Kono WPT Cambodia 2023

Reiji Kono / Photo: Enrique Malfavon for WPT

Can the 2023 numbers be surpassed this year? Will any well-known players make deep runs? Will we see the emergence of some new breakout stars on the World Poker Tour? We will see in a few days.



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