What’s New at Run It Once Training? | Summer 2021

As part of our ongoing collaboration with Run It Once Training, we are pleased to share with you this comprehensive quarterly recap of their activities, new offerings, and latest promotions for Summer 2021. As always, there’s been plenty going on over at Run It Once Training headquarters. We hope you enjoy the latest quarterly update, and welcome your feedback on their latest developments.

Free Video Offer for Cardplayer Lifestyle Readers

To get started, Run It Once Training has a special treat for all Cardplayer Lifestyle readers. Just like in our previous update articles, for the next seven days you’ll have the opportunity to access one of Run It Once’s Elite level videos for FREE! This time, high-stakes pro Luke ‘Clanty’ Johnson takes on the $500 Zoom pool. Notably, the video has a special and important trait: Luke made sure to run ALL of the upcoming decisions in the video through the solver prior to recording. That means that he has all the answers at hand to make for the most efficient learning experience that you have ever encountered. 

Luke Johnson

Check out $500 Zoom With All the Answers for free now!

Get 2 months of Elite for the price of one

Becoming the best at anything takes hard work, but it also requires learning from those who have already gone where you want to go. Run It Once Training has just launched their biggest Elite promotion since their launch in 2012. Currently, you can lock in 2 months of their Elite membership for the price of one! 

Run It Once’s Elite plan was built to take your game to the next level. With high stakes players like Phil Galfond, Ben Sulsky, and Sam Greenwood putting out two new videos every day and a library of over 4,000 Elite videos (plus 2,500 Essential videos included!), you’ll be playing better poker in no time.

Run It Once But 1 Get 1

On top of the expansive and filterable video library with two video updates every single day, you also get access to exclusive Q&A sessions with your favorite Elite pros. In these unique one-hour sessions you can get to know some of the best players in the world on a more personal level, have them answer your questions and learn how they have overcome their struggles on the way up. Just recently, Phil Galfond joined this unique event and shared his personal career advice with all of the Elite members. You can still check out all previous Q&A sessions with an Elite account.

Taking advantage of this unique 1+1 Elite deal is incredibly easy. When creating a new account or upgrading your existing one to Elite for the first time, the required coupon code ‘freeelite’ will already be filled in and all you need to do to unlock the bonus is click the red activate button upon checkout.

Don’t miss out on this special deal, lock in your 1+1 package today.

New Course Launches: PADS on PADS and PLO Puzzle

Recently, Run It Once Training celebrated the release of two brand new, advanced-level, courses that take you through a guided learning curriculum and provide you with lifetime access.

PADS on PADS: Perfecting Analysis, Decisions, & Strategy

With over $15 million in combined live & online earnings, Patrick ‘pads1161’ Leonard is one of the most accomplished MTT pros in the world. His unique charisma and endless energy makes him one of the guys you will just LOVE to listen to and learn from for hours and hours. Earlier this year, Run It Once teamed up with Patrick to create a unique course, titled PADS on PADS. In it, Patrick shares everything that he knows about tournament poker over the course of more than 160 videos and 80+ hours of content. In a nutshell, it’s the most in-depth, comprehensive tournament course available on the market. 

Run It Once Pads on Pads

You’ll learn about ICM, postflop play, playing out of the blinds, off the table considerations, exploitative adjustments and a whole bunch more. It wasn’t enough for Patrick to share everything that he knew though. He also brought in guest pros to discuss their particular areas of expertise. You’ll get videos from Kevin Rabichow on HU play in MTTs, videos from Alex ‘Pwndidi’ Theologis on PSKOs, as well as a few other surprise guests sprinkled throughout the course.

If the content available in the course wasn’t enough for you, Patrick even committed to releasing regular update videos to make sure that all of his students stay on top of the current meta-game in tournament poker. Since the course’s launch in February, 17 brand new videos have already been added to the course, and with WSOP coming up soon you can expect some more additions over the next few weeks.

Lastly, all course members get private access to an interactive PADS on PADS Facebook group that is hosted by Patrick himself to field any questions that you might run into while studying the content. If this course sounds interesting to you, be sure to check out our detailed review of PADS on PADS to get an even better idea of what to expect from the course or check out a short intro video from Patrick here.

PLO Puzzle: Mastering Single Raised Pots

With Run It Once founder Phil Galfond being considered one of the most successful PLO players of all time, it is no surprise that one key strength of Run It Once Training has always been 4-card poker. After having released the ultimate beginner’s guide to Pot Limit Omaha From the Ground Up: PLO Edition, Run It Once has now followed up with their first advanced-level PLO course.

PLO Puzzle

This new course aims to Solve the PLO Puzzle and will help you master one of the most frequent spots in Pot Limit Omaha: single raised pots. Over the course of 46 videos and over 100 quizzes, Elite coaches Richard Gryko and Cory Mikesell will have you understanding board textures, frequencies, and bet sizings like never before. On top of that, you’ll get access to frequency sheets containing information from hundreds of GTO sims to supplement your learning. If you’re into PLO, then I would highly recommend you first check out the two FREE videos that are available before deciding on whether the course is a good fit for you.

Group Coaching Project w/ Highstakes Pro Kevin Rabichow

Run It Once Training is always looking for new ways to help poker enthusiasts grow as players. Some of us prefer learning from a diverse group of coaches’ videos, some prefer structured video content in the form of courses, and some prefer using GTO training tools to test their knowledge. This summer, Run It Once is giving you a completely different option to help you reach your poker goals.

Kevin Rabichow Group Coaching

Run It Once has partnered with one of their longest tenured Elite coaches, Kevin Rabichow, to provide you with a more personalized option for your poker development. You’ll have the opportunity to learn from an experienced high -stakes coach alongside a small group of your peers. 

Here’s a quick  breakdown of the program:

  • It takes place over four weeks
  • You’ll be placed into a group of 5-10 players
  • You’ll receive two 1-on-1 coaching sessions with Kevin
  • You’ll take part in four weekly group calls that are specifically tailored to the group’s needs
  • You’ll have access to a private Discord server to discuss strategy and to network
  • You’ll take part in a private game with your group and you’ll review the footage together afterwards

This program is open to everyone, but spots are limited. If you’re interested in finding out more, click here to apply for the next edition of this bootcamp. 

The Run It Once Coaching Roster: Stronger than ever

One of the biggest strengths of the Run It Once membership plans is that you can trust that you’re getting coached by proven winners. Since our last update, plenty of fresh talent has been added to the coaching roster.


First and foremost, there have been some exciting new high-stakes additions:

  • thejericho2 started playing $0.01/0.02 in 2012 but he plays just a little bit higher these days… He frequently sits at the highest stakes available online and recently reviewed $20,000 pots in his video Biggest Hands Ever.
  • The most recent session from new Elite PLO coach imbajimba isn’t far off those stakes, as he brings you a multi-tabling session at $25/$50.
  • The third high-stakes addition to the Elite team is special because he is specialized in both 6-max and heads-up play, and is on a quest to become one of the top players in the world. His name is Luke Johnson, he regularly sits at NL $1k and $2k+, and yes you remembered correctly from the top of this article, you can check out one of Luke’s videos for FREE right here!

But that’s not all; there have been even more additions! On the Elite MTT roster, Patrick Brooks made his debut just a few weeks ago and recently reviewed a deep run in a $800 WSOP 6-Max event. Likewise, for the Essential plan there have been three new additions to the team who now share their expertise with you. The MTT team was strengthened by Adam Crawford whose latest video teaches you how to maximize your EV against weak players in tournaments. Ivan Banic released his first video just a few weeks later and recently demonstrated his strategy in a four table live-play recording with a focus on $200+ bounty builder events.

The Essential NLHE coaching roster also saw a new addition with longtime Run It Once member Shaun Pauwels taking the next step in his poker journey and becoming a coach. His first video utilizes aggregated reports to derive a deeper understanding on the tricky situation of c-betting out of position and even includes all of the reports that he discusses in the video to download. 

That’s all for now. This column will be back once again come autumn, where we’ll continue updating you with the latest news, updates, and product releases that Run It Once Training has to offer.



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