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By Milko van Winden
November 26, 2021

Even when you find the right study material, improving your poker skills can be a tough and daunting process without having the right people to talk to. The Pokercode community is the answer to this! 

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What is Pokercode?

Pokercode was founded by German Super High Roller and two-time WSOP bracelet winner Fedor Holz, together with the #1 on the Austrian all-time money list, Matthias Eibinger. They were joined by Danish online crusher Simon ‘IgorKarkarof’ Rønnow to create the best study material focused on tournament poker.

Steffen Sontheimer is the latest addition to the team, having joined Pokercode in 2021 to provide cash game content. The high-stakes player knows his way around tournaments as he won the purple jacket at the inaugural Poker Masters, but he dedicates most of his life to his first love: cash games. 

Pokercode black friday

A subscription to Pokercode doesn’t just give you access to an insane amount of study content on their own Netflix-like video platform; it also includes access to our community with like-minded poker players searching for improvement. Instead of approaching difficult topics by yourself, you have access to hundreds of poker players, including their top tier coaches, to help answer your questions. 

Community member Tim Bakker:

From the very first moment I joined Pokercode it has been a warm welcome for me. The coaches are really great and helpful in all kinds of ways and the community is really mind-blowing. Everyone is always ready to help, they’re very friendly, and most importantly very passionate about the most beautiful game in the world: POKER!

Live Study Sessions + The Best Tools

But that’s not all! Every Pokercode coach provides live study sessions exclusively accessible to Pokercode members. Plainly put: you can ask your questions directly to some of the world’s best poker players. And if you miss out on the live session, you can always watch it on-demand on our study platform and ask your questions to the coaches in the Pokercode community. 

If you want to take your study game to the next level a Pokercode membership grants you access to some of the biggest discounts for the best tools. Pokercode members get a 45% discount on ODIN; never use a solver again! Other discounts exclusive to Pokercode members include an offer for Hold’em Resources Manager, and Primed Mind. 

Pokercode black friday

The Pokercode Community

The study material at Pokercode is one of the best tools to improve, but the Pokercode community is the catalyst to achieve your goals faster than ever. Whether you have a specific question for one of our coaches, are looking for a couple of brains to help you break down an ICM spot deep in a tournament, or if you’re looking for some advice on how to structure your study days, there’s an answer for everything. There’s an incredible amount of experience available to you to truly step up your game.   

Community member Alex Baier (3rd place finisher in the inaugural Pokercode Festival in Bratislava):

I was part of a lot of different communities so far but I’ve definitely felt the most welcome at Pokercode. I was fortunate enough to win my first 3 months through a promotion of Steffen Sontheimer. I met a lot of community members during the first live event and I made friends with them and started studying with some of them. It helps me a lot, looking at hand reviews. The coaches regularly post their opinions on and give feedback on the proper thought process that we should apply. It keeps me motivated having a lot of like-minded players around me that I can talk to, celebrate wins with, and cheer for each other!

Company founder Fedor Holz of course knows all about what it takes to win, and he is dedicated to giving Pokercode community members the support and tools it takes to get to the winner’s circle:

“Progress doesn’t happen overnight. It’s something you need to continuously work on. However much time you want to dedicate, we are there to help you set and achieve your goals. Whether you just like the challenge, want to become a full-time pro or move up the stakes, we can help you.”

Pokercode Grindhouse Showcases the Power of Community

You might be jaded at listening to fancy marketing talk, telling you how good Pokercode must be. So rather than do that, we’ll just demonstrate it to you.

Pokercode decided back in 2020 to trial a project with a select group to showcase the power of community. Mario Mosboeck and some of his friends were the chosen ones and after spending two months in a house living, breathing, eating, studying, and playing together, there was no proof yet if they were successful in their approach. 

After the project, however, they went on a tear.

The Pokercode Grindhouse boys collectively won over $1,000,000 in a week during a trip to Las Vegas, and Mario himself was crowned SCOOP Main Event champion after he took down the $1,050 Main event for well over $800,000. 

Pokercode Grindhouse

We’ve decided to repeat this project for a shorter time frame in 2022. All episodes are available on the Pokercode YouTube channel.



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