Poker and Other Card Games Available in Live Online Aussie Casinos

By Julia Krotova
October 20, 2023

As technology keeps improving, more forms of entertainment appear. From what used to be in-person casino games has evolved to online games available through desktops and now mobile devices.

Developers started noticing how many casino enthusiasts were looking for immersion. Now, players can get immersion through a live casino online and even through virtual reality (VR) technologies.

Australian players looking to enjoy card games now can get an experience similar to how land-based casinos feel. A real-life dealer accompanies players, who will enjoy the game alongside other real-life individuals in real-time. Developers stream the dealer and the table so everyone joining can see an immersive setting close to a brick-and-mortar casino.

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Live Poker

One of the main differences between the mechanisms of live poker and video poker is the RNG system. Like other casino video games, video poker implements an RNG technology to ensure all results are random so players can’t manipulate the outcome, and developers won’t be able to tamper with them either.

Like a land-based poker game, live poker progresses according to the player’s choice. They will also compete with other real-life players that use various strategies.

Live Poker vs. Land-Based Poker

There aren’t many differences between land-based poker games and live ones. Players will interact with buttons to decide when it’s their time to pick and choose the wager size they prefer. They can chat online with the dealer and other people as if standing around a table.

The way players join a table is similar as well. When a table is complete, they must wait before they can join. They can only spectate on the sideline if a game is already ongoing.

Live online casinos have multiple poker variations. Some of the most popular are Three-Card Poker, Caribbean Stud Poker, and variations of Hold’em. Reliable Aussie casinos work with reputable developers with extensive game collections. They’re high in quality and provide an excellent variety to give players options.

Live Blackjack

Like poker, live blackjack will work similarly to land-based blackjack games. The game uses a real-life dealer to manage the cards or use the automatic shuffler. The dealer will then spread the cards to players according to their dedicated spaces.

Developers implement a microchip on each card; the table will read the chips. These microchips are connected to a software program. The aim of these chips and software is so that a player can receive the information. The chip interface with the software will translate all actions to the players’ screen.

Players will then be able to monitor everything that the dealer is doing through their display. A player’s choices in a blackjack game will appear as a button. Most blackjack casinos allow a player to hit, split, stand, double, and (some) surrender.

Live Blackjack vs. Land-Based Blackjack

Compared to video blackjack, live blackjack tends to be at a slower pace. Video blackjack tends to end quicker, but live blackjack allows a player to take their time. As the dealer is a real-life human, every step of the game takes time to process.

One of the pros of live dealer blackjacks is the high betting limit. Advanced players tend to prefer live blackjacks when they aim to bet high. They’re more thrilling and provide a more realistic experience than playing against AI, as blackjack is much simpler than poker.

This doesn’t mean all blackjack tables have a high betting minimum. Australian players will find a variety of blackjack tables that come with different minimum and maximum limits. They can choose the one that fits their budgets the most.

Live Baccarat

Live baccarat is played by the same rules that traditional baccarat is. A player must bet on the hand with a total value closest to nine to win the game. Players can bet on their hand, the banker’s, or a tie result.

Like how poker and blackjack work, baccarat has a real-life dealer that they can interact with. They can also interact with other people at the same table through the chat feature.

Live Baccarat vs. Land-Based Baccarat

Game developers now use a high-definition graphic system with 3D technology. As live dealer games provide players with an immersive experience, it might seem like they don’t have any advantages over brick-and-mortar casinos, however, streaming studios often use multiple cameras that allow players to see the game progressing from various angles.

This isn’t something that they can do in a land-based casino as live casinos also offer a variety of baccarat that players can usually access in a single establishment. They must make do with the options they have in the vicinity, but playing online makes it possible for players to choose what they want.



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