RecPoker | Bonus WSOP Episode – Jared Tendler

By Steve Fredlund
October 25, 2021

While down at the WSOP we took a short break to talk with Jared Tendler – excuse the recording quality of our away-from-home studio! Jared has written many books on the subject of the mental game of poker and how pros and amateurs alike can put themselves in the best possible position for success. Whether it’s in poker, golf, trading, or other areas of competition or performance. Jared has a new video course out that you should check out at jaredtendler.com. *Use promo code CPL to save $50 on your course purchase!*

Check out our review of Jared’s new course

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Time Stamps

00:08 Welcome & Introduction 
01:35 Introduction to Jared Tendler  
01:48  What was it like for Jared to be stuck in Pennsylvania, surrounded by Eagles fans?
02:30 What’s new and exciting with Jared?
08:47 The low-hanging-fruit for grinding rec players 
22:14 Jared talks about how he constructed his new course 
26:00 The difficulty of applying the abstract knowledge to the table 
35:25 Jared tells about what the course can do for rec players
42:08 Jared: Have a corps of people that you collaborate with and get help from
42:15 How to become an exponentially better player
45:20 Jared: Where to access the course and an invitation to attend the monthly Q & A



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Steve Fredlund

Steve Fredlund is the host of the RecPoker podcast and Rec.Poker website, both of which are committed to building a vibrant and encouraging poker learning community. Steve also works diligently to encourage people live their most fulfilling lives through coaching, speaking and writing; information about that is at stevefredlund.com.

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