RecPoker | Episode 505 – Abby Merk

August 07, 2023

This week Jim Reid and the RecPoker RECing Crew interviewed Abby Merk about playing as a pro, creating content and enjoying the great game of poker. Abby introduced herself as a professional poker player, advocate for female empowerment, and content creator. She discussed her passion for poker and how it is a game of strategy and competition.

Abby discussed her summer working with Poker News and how it allowed her to meet and become friends with many of her poker idols. She explained her content creation strategy and how her experience as a reporter interviewing players about their strategies helped her improve her own game by learning about different approaches and perspectives. Abby also discussed her journey to becoming a professional poker player and shared a hand she played with Stephen Chidwick. She analyzed her betting strategy and decision-making process, discussing the range of hands Chidwick could have and ultimately deciding to fold on the river to a shove. The group discussed the importance of having a plan and being able to adjust when necessary, as well as the psychology of bluffing and the social dynamics of poker. They also talked about what comes next for Abby and the importance of letting loose at a karaoke bar every now and then!

Jim announced the upcoming RecPoker Weekend and encouraged listeners to attend. He also mentioned a bounty placed on him by his friend and nemesis Phil in event number two and explained that only RecPoker members can participate. Chris Jones asked about becoming a member, and Jim explained that it’s free and easy to sign up.

Jim and John Somsky recognized the winners of several poker games and offered them prizes. They emphasized the importance of staying involved in the community and highlighted the correlation between engagement and success. Plus we give away a free prize at the end for folks in the YouTube chat. Join us LIVE on YouTube next Monday at 7:30 ET for free to ask our guests questions in real time, and you can win too!

Abby is active on Twitter as @‌abbypoker34 and on Instagram and TikTok as @‌abbypoker

We also go over this week’s home game results and discuss these topics:
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Time Stamps

00:16Welcome & Introduction
02:43Introduction to Abby Merk
04:05Abby defines her role in the poker world
05:01Abby on how she got started in Poker News
07:15The flexibility of being a player and a reporter at the same time 
12:45How Abby chose a platform to produce content
17:05Doing interviews and reporting helps Abby’s game
18:58Switching from being an amateur to a professional poker player
22:19Importance of having a coach
24:46Quick hand review with Abby
54:19One thing Abby would do differently
01:46:49John: Home Game Result updates




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