RecPoker | Episode 469 – Wesley Cannon

By Jim Reid
April 03, 2023

This week Jim Reid and the RecPoker RECing Crew interview Wesley Cannon. You may have heard of Wes from his solver work for another great podcast, The Breakdown (I mean…it’s no RecPoker, but whatever) but he’s also making a name for himself in both the live and online poker arenas. Wes shares some details about his approach to poker since taking it more seriously over the pandemic, with subjects ranging from bankroll management to game selection to common mistakes recreational player make – both on and off the felt. We also get into ICM pressure and the effect it can have on your play and ranges at different points of a tournament, the importance of going for the win, how to measure success, and a lot more! Plus we give away a free prize at the end for folks in the YouTube chat. Join us LIVE on YouTube next Monday at 7:30 ET for free to ask our guests questions in real time, and you can win too!

Wes is active on Twitter as @‌pitchercannon

We also go over this week’s home game results and discuss these topics:
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Time Stamps

04:15 Welcome & Introduction
08:20 Introduction to Wesley Cannon
10:11 How would Wes describe his own role in the poker world?
11:19 Wes talks about his ascending progress and experiences in poker
13:53 How to tell if you’re taking bankroll management seriously enough 
16:45 Wes on how his game transitioned from being a rec. to his game now
18:41 Ignition poker vs. ACR: 
21:16 Pandemic played a big role in Wes’ ascent in the game 
25:10 Wes focused on Game Theory in terms of studying
33:27 Common mistakes Wes’ thinks most rec. players do 
38:36 Chat: Equilibrium for winning player, is it profitable or there’s an X buy-in target.
01:07:07 John: Home Game updates



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Jim Reid

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