RecPoker | Episode 463 – John Barrows

By Jim Reid
March 14, 2023

This week Jim Reid and the RecPoker RECing Crew interview John Barrows, the Casino Tournament Manager at Running Aces! John gets right into the merits of different tournament structures, and how he and the Running Aces gang got involved with RecPoker “back in the day”. He also shares what makes for a successful poker room, the issue of shot clocks, penalties for rule-breakers and how they are enforced, and a lot more!

Plus we give away a free prize at the end for folks in the YouTube chat. Join us on YouTube next Monday at 7:30 ET for free to ask our guests questions in real-time, and you can win too!

John is active on Twitter as https://twitter.com/alargedude

Follow Running Aces at https://twitter.com/RunAcesPoker

We also go over this week’s home game results and discuss these topics:
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Time Stamps

05:23  Welcome and Introduction
08:44 Introduction to John Barrows
11:18 John’s criteria for success with the poker room at Running Aces
18:01 John talks about HendonMob at the Running Aces
22:34 How race structures vary in different events
29:24 John‘s thoughts about Shot Clocks
36:19 John: Any request a clock from a player has an automatic floor call
41:54 Consequences when players don’t play by the rules
48:13 Penalties in tournament 
51:32 The weirdest behaviors at a table at Running Aces
01:00:18 Chat: What is the gradient for penalties?
01:11:04 John Somsky: Home Game Result updates



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Jim Reid
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Jim Reid

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