RecPoker | Episode 429 – Ryan Laplante

November 11, 2022

This week Jim Reid and the panel welcome Ryan Laplante back to the show. Ryan is an accomplished professional poker player, and the founder of the excellent training site Learn Pro Poker. WARNING: this starts as an interview but quickly turns into a detailed coaching session,  with Ryan, going over the many factors we should consider when facing a 3-bet. Ryan shares his screen as he uses a solver to break down a hand with visual elements. While the audio version of the show will be illuminating to the audience, you might want to watch (or re-watch!) this one on YouTube to get the most out of the different aspects of the hand.  There is a lot to unpack here!

Plus of course we give away a free prize at the end for folks in the YouTube chat. Join us on YouTube next Monday at 7:30pm ET for free to ask our guests questions in real-time, and you can win too!

Ryan is active on Twitter as @protentialmn
Join Ryan at Learn Pro Poker here.
Check out Range Trainer Pro here.

We also go over this week’s home game results and discuss these topics:
How to help us out – https://rec.poker/support/
Home Games – https://rec.poker/homegame/
Go Premium! – https://rec.poker/premium/

RecPoker is a vibrant and encouraging poker learning community. We are committed to learning the game, but our priority is building healthy relationships where we can not only grow in the game, but grow in our enjoyment of life. The membership website at rec. poker is awesome, but it’s just a tool to help us build that community. You can join for FREE, giving you access to the groups, forums, and other member benefits. If you want to enjoy the premium content, or become part of the RECing Crew, those options are available, and you can get $10 off your first payment using the code RECPOKER.

Time Stamps

02:56 Welcome & Introduction
05:49 Introduction to Ryan Raplante
07:12 Updates on Ryan’s Learn Pro Poker
11:37 Ryan works on content to add to the website  
19:36 K.L. Cleeton is still Ryan’s video editor
20:56 Responding to a 3-bets
24:33 Ryan takes a look at some of the hands from RecPoker’s recorded play 
35:41 Ryan’s approach to Chris’ hand situation
54:28 Playing against an opponent who has a very theory-oriented approach
01:04:36 Studying is similar to going to the gym
01:10:50 Poker advocacy for the LGBTQ community 
01:25:28 Jim: Home Game Result updates



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