Online Casino Affiliate Programs: What Are They? How to Choose the Best One?

If you love gambling and know how to motivate people, you might want to benefit from enrolling in an affiliate program of an online casino. You’ll be inviting new users to sign up for the casino — and you’ll get cash rewards depending on your performance. In this article, you’ll get to know how this sort of affiliate arrangement functions and how to select the best gambling affiliate programs. Being an affiliate marketer for online casinos represents the opportunity to be self-employed while deriving income from your promotional efforts. Of course, you should only be promoting gambling platforms that operate legally in the jurisdictions you are marketing to.

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How Do Affiliate Programs of Online Casinos Work?

First, you should read the terms and conditions of the affiliate program on the site of the casino. If you’re ready to accept them, you should get in touch with the administration of the gambling platform. They will provide you with further information as well as elements of their corporate branding. You’ll need to drive traffic to the casino website via the channels available to you. The more users join the gambling platform following your invitations and links, the more you’ll earn.

Here are a few examples of what you can do:

  • Place the casino’s ad banner on your personal site
  • Add the link to the casino’s sign-up form to your social network profiles and live streams on Twitch or other similar platforms
  • Send the link in private messages to your acquaintances
  • Share the link in gambling chats and places

Some casinos might pay you a fixed fee (CPA, cost per acquisition) once a new user creates an account on their site or app. Or, this user might need to deposit a certain minimum sum of cash and wager it before you get your reward.

Other gambling platforms allow you to get life-long rewards from active players whom you refer. You can get a percentage of each deposit (revenue share) that each person whom you encouraged to join the platform ever makes.

Some casinos might offer a mixed payment (hybrid) model. You might get a fixed fee when a person signs up for the platform as well as a percentage of their later deposits. The exact percentage might vary depending on the sum of the deposit, the chosen payment system, or other factors.

The best casino affiliate marketers tend to target their efforts on recruiting players who are likely to be the most active.

How to Choose the Best Online Casino Affiliate Program?

Dozens of gambling platforms have affiliate programs. When picking the one you’d like to join, you should ask yourself the following questions.

How Good Is the Casino That You’re Planning to Promote?

Your reputation is more important than any income. You should recommend others to join only licensed, honest casinos that offer strong/generous payouts to players. If you ever encourage people to register on a scammy site, you’ll undermine their trust in you forever. Moreover, a scam casino affiliate program might fail to reward you for your efforts.

What Are the Demographics of the Audience That You Need to Attract?

Online casinos ask their new players to specify their full postal addresses and dates of birth not only to make sure these people are of legal age and live in a territory where they can legally gamble. Casinos also use this data for marketing research. They compile portraits of their ideal customers — and then they want you to bring such clients who will be spending large sums on gambling. It makes sense to join an affiliate program if you can establish contact with and recruit this type of person.

Do You Need to Attract People to the Casino in General or to Some Specific Sections?

Some gambling platforms might need new users who carry out financial transactions with Bitcoin. Others might be interested in promoting selected parts of their entertainment catalogs, such as their poker rooms. In this case, you should focus your efforts on the communities of BTC users and poker lovers, respectively.

How User-Friendly Is the Casino?

If you want to make a good income on the affiliate program, you should refer people to a casino that they will like. The platform should have a modern design and an intuitive interface. It should offer an extensive range of games, promotional offers and deposit/withdrawal options. Players should be able to access it in desktop and mobile formats, and customer service should be of high quality.

Which Payment Options Can You Use to Get the Rewards?

The choice of the payment methods that are compatible with the affiliate program might be different from the selection of payment options that players can use for deposits and withdrawals on their platform. You should double-check whether the payment system will charge you a fee for processing your transactions from the affiliate program, as this could eat into your expected revenues from your promotional activity. Plus, you need to make sure that the casino will pay your rewards in a currency you use — otherwise, you’ll need to pay a conversion fee.

Does the Casino Have a Negative Carryover Policy?

When you refer new players to a gambling platform, the casino administration expects them to lose more money than win; after all, the games are literally always programmed with odds in their favor. So, mathematically, they’ll always come out ahead over the long run with a large sample size, even though of course many individual players will of course get lucky and win. As such, the online casino will make a profit and share some part of it with you.

But what if one of the users whom you refer hits a big jackpot? If the casino has a negative carryover policy enabled, it might fail to pay you anything because it “suffered losses”. You’ll need to wait until the platform makes a profit on players you referred. If there is no negative carryover policy in the casino, you’ll get your rewards regardless of “your” players’ winnings or losses.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you found this article informative and now you have a better understanding of how to choose the best casino affiliate programs and make money on them by referring active players. You can get rewards by driving traffic to gambling platforms from your own site, blog, social networks and other online resources. You should recommend only licensed and credible casinos to others. When reading the terms and conditions of the affiliate program you consider joining, you should pay close attention to the characteristics of the target audience, the available currencies and payment methods and the presence or lack of a negative carryover policy.



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