So why is this headline interesting you ask? I find it amazing that Daniel Negreanu bought in for $341,000 after all the ups and downs he had the previous session – he’s stuck just $5,000 after the whole roller coaster ride (but over $150,000 since the start of this High Stakes Poker season). In general, since he’s such a popular figure in poker, I guess most casual poker fans expect him to be a big winner on High Stakes Poker (his history of bad luck on the show notwithstanding).

Indeed, Negreanu still is a top player, but his specialty lies in his experience and talent in all major poker disciplines – people shouldn’t necessarily assume he’s an amazing Hold ’em player though. Fact is, he’s probably way better than you, me or the average Joe, but he’s openly admitted he’s not on the level of the big 3 – Phil Ivey, Patrik Antonius, or Tom Dwan, when it comes to Texas Hold ’em.

To be sure, he’s taken some lumps from them on the show, and those top3 players have really shown some wicked chops this season. Gary Wise, of ESPN Poker, has written an awesome article giving Negreanu credit for still working on his game – specifically Hold ’em – to improve. He deserves credit in my book too.

A multimillionaire many times over, Negreanu doesn’t need to work hard at anything, much less his poker game. But his choice and drive to try and improve are impressive in it of itself. Check out the article here. Assuming Negreanu improves (which he surely will), it should be interesting to see how he fares in the near and distant future in the big televised Hold ’em cash games.

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