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Battle of the Minds: Poker vs. Blackjack

Walk into most land-based casinos and you’ll find both poker and blackjack being spread. With both among the most popular gambling games out there, in this article we take a look at the histories of each, and then compare and contrast blackjack vs. poker.

It’s important to understand the differences and nuances of each game when deciding which is the right one for you to play.


Build Your MTT Victory Pre-flop

Are you looking for ways to improve your chances of winning multi-table online poker tournaments? If so, you’ll need to study up on opening hand ranges, shoving ranges, the importance of position and effective stack sizes, and much more.

This strategy article offers numerous tips for doing just that, and helping you achieve MTT victory more often.

Unfolding Poker

Poker Book Review: Unfolding Poker

When you’re a beginner or an intermediate poker player, you’ve often got lots of questions. Red Chip Poker co-founder James “Splitsuit” Sweeney understood this and took it upon himself to compile a fantastic Q&A guidebook called Unfolding Poker.

Available in both print and as an eBook, here’s our review of what is unquestionably a phenomenal resource for beginner- and intermediate-level poker players.


Flop Falcon

Poker Software Review: Flop Falcon

Everyone loves to see a flop in Texas Hold’em. For intermediate and advanced poker players, understanding the mathematics of a flop plays a critical role in knowing if and how to proceed in any given hand.

Flop Falcon is a poker software tool that gives astute players the ability to study flops and make the optimal plays against the hand ranges your opponents are most likely to have.

Check out our review to see if Flop Falcon is right for you.