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Follow the Money: Let’s Bring Sponsorship Dollars to Poker

Chris Wallace believes that live tournament poker’s current model is broken. In most other forms of professional competition, sponsorship dollars help pay for the events to take place and players earn winnings from sponsor-provided prize pools. The iNinja Poker Tour owner believes poker should be no different.

Read this op-ed, and perhaps you’ll end up convinced that poker ought to “follow the money” and move to a sponsorship-based model.

Whose WSOP Player of the Year Performance Was the Greatest of All Time?

Look up at the World Series of Poker and you’ll see banners hanging of great players like Jeff Madsen, Daniel Negreanu, and Frank Kassella, among others. They’ve all distinguished themselves as past WSOP Players of the Year.

That begs the question of whose POY performance was the absolute greatest of them all. In this article we rank the top five. See if you agree with our list.

Help a Brother Out

Poker Etiquette: The Right Way to Help Your Buddies Play Better

Are your poker buddies having a rough time at the felt? Etiquette dictates that you have to resist the temptation to take it easy on them if you’re facing one another. You can help your buddies get better at poker though, and there are plenty of ways to do this.

Here’s our list of five ethically-approved ways to assist your poker playing buddies. Give ’em a shot next time you see they’re suffering through a tough stretch.