Wizards of Oz Slots With Free Coins: An Overview

By Sarah Thomas
November 29, 2021

The search for an excellent and exciting game title and genre can be challenging! Gamblers desire free games to experiment and test their skills before playing for money. But, money isn’t always available, and playing without isn’t always an option in an online casino. Only sites offering no deposit bonus codes Canada for no deposit offers can offer a player a chance at a game for free. Also, the free version lacks interesting features present in the actual game played for real money.


You can experience the feel of gaming in a casino, exciting modern gameplay, and the magic of travelling through one of the classic storylines from your childhood! Below we outline some features of the popular Wizards of Oz Slots with free coins.

  • Game Design
  • Game Play
  • Social Platform
  • Amazing Rewards
  • Magical Feel

Game Design

The game design follows the storyline present in the movie “Wizard of Oz.” You will come across Dorothy, the Tin Man, the Cowardly Lion, and the Scarecrow on the Yellow Brick Road heading to find the Wizard of Oz. The design includes every unique feature present in the journey to find the Wizard. Once you encounter the major players, you unlock particular slots features, but drawing the Wizard of Oz, earns you a jackpot!

You get to listen to music from the actual movie. The designers aimed to make a complete gaming environment depicting Dorothy’s journey to Oz and all adventures she went through. It is a rare chance for adults to enjoy the simplistic nature of their childhood memories in a casino game today! The overall game design is modernistic, incorporating the best of technology while celebrating the new slots games on the market. Also, the design allows you to unlock millions of free coins every day you log in and play!

Game Play

Zynga designed the game around the entire movie. Players have to unlock each stage to move on to the next chapter. You will have to complete the entire journey across the Red Queen’s Territory before reaching the Emerald City and visiting the Wizard of Oz. During the journey, you can play on the dual reels, earn more coins and feel the magic of the Emerald City! Gameplay ensures you unlock as many bonuses as possible, but players have to reach or attain a specific game level to unlock the offers. You can also challenge the Devious Monkeys hindering your passage to the Emerald City. Each monkey you defeat earns you more coins. If lucky, you may end up gathering significant prizes with a single defeat or upgrade to the next level!

Also, online connectivity in reference to the server should be seamless. Connectivity is straightforward without mediums. Thus, players do not experience loading delays or interruptions. However, one must ensure to have an uninterruptible internet supply at high speed. Also, ensure your device has the latest android or iOS versions. If not, the game may download, but won’t load, which can be very disappointing!

Social Platform

Feel free to connect to your friends and social forums and play. The Wizards of Oz Slots with Free Coins has the best feature that allows players to connect whether they are playing online or are offline. It builds a more social front where players can share this, play against each other, and socialize while gaming online. Such a level of connectivity and effort at establishing a social platform on a slot game for free is “thumbs up” for the developers. Today, individuals want to feel at home and part of the community, even if gaming online. Zynga capitalizes on this with the connectivity mode. It designed a virtual opportunity where players can exchange ideas or free coins. Thus, not all free credits on the game are exchangeable for real cash.

You can sync all of your gaming devices both offline and online. It allows you to always check and evaluate your route before following it. Plus, you can ask friends for gifts or a boost in coins to proceed with your journey.

Amazing Rewards

Understanding the gameplay in this specific slot can deliver significant rewards in your direction. For instance, as a movie-themed slot, knowing the ins and outs of the movie can help unlock wild symbols or deliver jackpots. The conspiracies within the story give rise to a bonus symbol in the game. You can change the gameplay and turn the game into a profit-making game. The unique spin awarded at the beginning of the game is just a boost. But the ending reward after you unlock a chapter is the main thing! Android indicates that “Every win is a big win and brings a very nice bonus for you!” so following the storyline can lead to better wins!

Magical Feel

Players who desire to enter or adventure into the fantasy world become enamoured with a simple game title like “Wizards of Oz Slots.” The game title brings your imagination forth and immerses you into gameplay. Once you rise again, you are headed to the Emerald City. Thus, players receive a specialized gaming experience with the slot with free coins. First is the infinite free spin. You can only spin it with the magic arising from the city. But the function does deliver the best feeling of the journey and adds to your free coins if you win. Plus, the two-reel slot adds much more fun to the game, and the magical feel heightens. It becomes imperative to always bring the Wizards of Oz Slots with free coins with you.


The game may be considered old, but the gameplay and features incorporated are all new and modern. What drives many people to play the Wizards of Oz Slots with free coins is the free credits. But with each free credit is an incredible game time. Players get to find new chapters, unlock new offers and even get a chance at a jackpot! The game is free for download for both Android and iOS devices. Plus, you can sync it to other devices or your friends’ mobile phones for a more online and offline social gathering. Anyone desiring any in-built offers can purchase them for a small price. But, even without these, it is still a terrific game!



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