Why Video Poker is Still So Popular Today

By Julia Krotova
April 04, 2022

Even though video poker has been around for ages, its popularity is still unquestionable. The classic casino games continue to capture gamblers all over the world in both the physical and online casinos. Read more about why video poker is still so popular today.

video poker

More than 50 years after its invention, video poker is still one of the most popular casino games there is. You can find video poker in every physical casino and at most online casinos as well. The first video poker machine was invented in the 70s. The psychical machines are still one of the favorites amongst players. It has that nostalgic feel to it. Sometimes simple is just best. As gambling moved online as well, so did video poker. Today there are several places where you can play video poker online.

Nostalgia and simplicity

In the digital age that we live in, nostalgia is more popular than ever. Many things classic and retro are experiencing a total revival. The difference with the classic casino game, video poker included, is that the popularity never really decreased. They have continued to be popular amongst gamblers all over the world. Since video poker became popular online as well, it has become even more widespread. Online you have an accessibility that otherwise wouldn’t be possible. This means that gamblers can play whenever and wherever they want.

A big appeal of classic games such as video poker is the simplicity of the game. Many of the new games are much more sophisticated and a touch more complicated. Simple games will never go out of style because if a simple game works it has an essence that will make it evergreen. Examples besides video poker are games like Tetris and Pac-Man. They will probably never go out of style.

video poker

High RTP and good payouts

Video poker is somewhat related to the classic slot machines. But the great thing about video poker is that it usually has a better RTP (return-to-player). There are lots of different variations of video poker, each one with its own odds. But one of the appeals of video poker is the high RTP compared to most other casino games. Also, the game is known for its high payouts. This is of course always a huge thrill when gambling with real money. Will you get the big payout?

Luck and strategy

Video poker is one of the games that has a great balance between luck and strategy. It’s based enough on luck to make it exciting, but you also have a chance to influence the game with strategic choices. You can challenge your mind and make money at the same time. Many experienced players are intrigued by a game where you can affect the results. That’s why video poker is so popular. You can play it as a beginner and base your winnings on luck, or you can play it as an experienced gambler and somewhat strategize your winnings.



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