Why Kiwis Love Online Pokies – Top 3 Advantages For Playing Slots

By Tadas Peckaitis
December 23, 2022

Online casino slots, or pokies as Kiwis call them, are the favorite casino game for many New Zealanders.

But what makes online pokies so special? What are the advantages of playing online slots for Kiwis? This article will explain exactly that and will dive into the top three advantages of playing pokies.


Huge Selection of Games

Nowadays, online casinos offer thousands of slot machines to their customers, which is one of the main reasons why Kiwis love playing online pokies.

The huge portfolio of games gives players a chance to try out a new slot each time they feel they are becoming bored with the game they are playing.

Kiwis can choose between different pokies based on themes, game dynamics, or payouts. This means that online slots not only provide something for everyone based on how they look or how they are played but also based on players’ bankrolls.

Themes such as ancient civilizations, fantasies, movies, or pop culture represent only a part of the available slot portfolio and allow players to try something different each time they feel like it.

In addition, since the online gambling industry is such a competitive market, software providers create new online pokies almost monthly. This fresh influx of slots means that Kiwis always have something new to try out, no matter how much they play.


Availability is another important factor when it comes to online pokies and online casino games in general. Slots are available 24/7, so Kiwis have the luxury of playing them whenever they want and wherever they are. The only thing that they need is an Internet connection, a smartphone, or a tablet.

This allows them to feel the casino atmosphere and the excitement of spinning reels in their home and on the go without having to make big plans.

Playing online slots in this way gives players an even better experience since they can focus on the game much better and truly immerse themselves in the games they are playing.

And since slots are not as social as some other casino games, players do not expect to have social interactions while playing, which means they are not missing out on anything when they play from the comfort of their homes.

Thanks to the advancements in technology, even players with older devices can play online pokies on their phones and tablets thanks to the fact that online slots are one of these games optimized for play on almost all smartphone devices, no matter how old their OS is.

On top of that, with the availability of crypto gambling sites, payment options are also almost unlimited, so everyone can play their favorite games.

Simple Rules

Finally, one of the things that makes online pokies extremely popular worldwide is the fact that they have simple rules that are easy to learn and follow. Kiwis, just like most online gambling communities, love to play games that are easy to comprehend yet fun to play, and pokies check both of these categories.

When it comes to the rules, the great thing about online pokies is that there aren’t many, and if there are, they are mostly tied to specific features of individual slots like bonus rounds, free spins, or jackpot games.

This means that if you learn to play one slot, for the most part, you have pretty much learned them all, and the only thing left is to adjust your strategy based on the specific gameplay of each new slot.

Another great thing is that online pokies are available to play for free. Playing these games in demo mode allows Kiwis to see the rules applied in real-time and get a better feeling for the game and see if the specific slot suits their style of play.

Playing demo slots gives players a great opportunity to make a reasonable decision on whether they would like to risk their money on a specific pokie, which most casino games do not offer.

Final Thoughts on Online Slots

Online slots are the most popular online casino game, and for a good reason. They have rules that are easy to follow, most online casinos have slot portfolios that include thousands of games, and they are easily accessible with players only needing a smartphone and an Internet connection.

You can find an almost unlimited selection of pokies and casinos at dedicated sites like, and have some fun while playing your favorite titles.

In the end, something that most Kiwis don’t often think about, but online slots are one of these games that have a lot of limits, meaning that they can satisfy both casual players and high rollers.



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