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By Marcus Harmon
November 30, 2022

Technology is opening new doors to new markets. The sports betting and online casino industries have developed digital platforms for betting from home, as well as countless payment methods to ensure the convenience of the process. As well as new companies accept gambling with BTC directly on their platforms.

The trend in the cryptocurrency world has been to provide multiple options to send and receive money safely and quickly. It is because of this that online casinos have introduced the use of a wide variety of cryptocurrencies for transactions.

Digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Tether, Ethereum and Ripple guarantee fast payments and withdrawals with little or no fees. To find out which ones are most popular at CoinPlay’s best online casino, read on.

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Cryptocurrencies for Betting

Online casinos are recognized as safe gambling platforms for real money gambling. Various payment gateways are available for users to move funds within the platform. It is appropriate that these options have a good reputation and reliability, just like cryptocurrencies.

Based on the different characteristics, you can easily determine which coin is best for you to start betting online. You can choose the best coin to play depending on what factors matter most to you:

If you’re a player looking for more security or popularity? Then Bitcoin or Ethereum might be your best bet.

Prefer a stable coin that doesn’t lose value? Then check out Tether.

Need privacy? Monero is the most untraceable.

Unlike fiat currency, cryptocurrency has many more options, depending on what characteristics are important to you.

Once you decide which coin is best for your needs, you can determine where to play by searching online casinos that offer a variety of coins and good bonuses. Casinos like CoinPlay currently offer most of these coins as an option to play and have trustworthy reviews. You can make your first cryptocurrency bet at CoinPlay today and enjoy playing many popular games such as slots, blackjack, roulette and dice.

That said, just as cryptocurrencies are offered as payment and withdrawal methods in casinos, more traditional alternatives are also available. Credit or debit cards, bank transfers and digital wallets are other forms of payment.

Best Crypto Casinos

Before you consider depositing money to play at an online casino, it’s worth taking a look at the best crypto casinos. Evaluating aspects such as reputation, license to operate, payment methods, and catalog of games to participate will allow you to make your choice with more accuracy.

Some of the best casinos that accept cryptocurrency:

  • CoinPlay: best bitcoin gambling casino, with huge number of online casino games, secure platform, licensed. It stands out for its mobile app and promotions such as a welcome when depositing cryptocurrency. An impressive list of cryptocurrency support including the most popular ones: Bitcoin, Tether, Ethereum.
  • It is popular because of its large gambling section. The payment methods are safe, as are the game providers who guarantee unbiased results.
  • Thunderpick: Founded in 2017, Thunderpick has positioned itself as the best online casino to play with cryptocurrencies due to its numerous bonuses. Available in more than 7 languages and with certified games.

Betting at the proven online casino guarantees an extensive library of certified games, secure payments and numerous promotions to take advantage of. Don’t forget to evaluate the casino’s reliability and license before depositing funds.

How Cryptocurrency Changes Online Casinos

The benefits of cryptocurrency for online casino gaming are so fundamental and significant that it is simply amazing how the online gambling industry existed and even flourished before bitcoin came along.

Speed of Transactions

To make deposits and withdrawals via payment cards (VISA, MasterCard), the vast majority of online casino players use payment cards. If you deposit in the casino in this way, the funds are usually received almost instantly, but when it comes to cashing out winnings, the player may be in for an unpleasant surprise in the form of a long delay.

When it comes to cryptocurrency, there is no one on the way from the casino to the player’s crypto wallet, hence, no one can deliberately delay your money.

Variety of Games

As a rule, many online casinos don’t create games themselves, but buy them from third-party developers, which makes the cost and time of creating a gambling site much cheaper.

But with the advent and spread of cryptocurrencies, online casinos are increasingly developing their own games. Because, firstly, cryptocurrency payment functionality is easier to integrate into games, and secondly, users are attracted to exclusive games that are not available on other sites. Moreover, the game concept can be the same, but the implementation differs from site to site.


In addition to the coins listed above, online casinos and players also use other preferred coins for gambling, these include: Tron, Monero and Cardano. Tron is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency for gambling. And, like some other coins, it is mainly used for online gambling. Monero has guaranteed privacy, which is why players love it.

Of course, these are some of the popular coins that players use for online gambling, but there are still quite a few in the world that online casinos accept as payment and transactions. You can check some CoinPlay sites to see if the popular coins are increasing in value over time and are not too volatile.



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