Does Poker Need to Innovate More to Catch Up with Casino Games?

By Sarah Thomas
May 28, 2024

The poker boom occurred at the same time as the rise of the online casino industry and, initially, the card game received a lot more hype. However, in the 2010s, the online casino industry took the lead and stormed ahead, thanks to wide diversification and the implementation of new technology.

Does poker need to branch out into new offshoots to keep up with the booming casino sector, or is it simply a case of waiting for new technology developments to propel it back to the forefront of the mainstream?

When the online casino industry first began, developers focused on bringing digital versions of casino games to players in their homes. In those early days, the offerings available were rudimentary, but they managed to gain widespread interest rapidly.

This led studios to branch out, and now there are countless game variants to choose from. For instance, Spin Till You Win real money play is a twist on the classic form of roulette with multipliers and other special bonuses. The fundamentals at the heart of the game remain the same, but the new features aim to appeal to a wider crowd looking for something different, something in real time.

There are other offerings that make use of the advanced technology that’s now available, with the live streaming platform having blown up over the last few years. Along with high-definition cameras that allow for greater immersion, there are options like Lightning Roulette that have animations superimposed on the action.

As casino games have branched out and expanded in various ways, there has been less innovation in the poker industry. However, there’s no doubt that this form of innovation lends itself better to casino games than it does to the card offering.

Poker Will Benefit Greatly from New Technology

Poker purists don’t necessarily want to see new variants of the classic game, but they may be seeking fresh ways to play. Modern technology platforms could be set to help a lot in this regard, and they could help to up the immersion levels massively. Virtual reality is creeping into the mainstream now, and is expected to boost the global economy by more than £1.4 trillion by 2030. If it becomes an essential household item, it could have a massive impact on the poker industry.

VR poker rooms could give players the chance to feel as though they are playing in a live setting from the comfort of their homes. As the technology improves, it could bring the psychological side of the game back to an online setting. This would involve players having to read facial cues and conceal their own when attempting to bluff.

Augmented reality is also expected to blow up in the next few years, and this could have an effect on live games. For instance, players wearing AR glasses may be able to see exactly how much is in a pot as digital numbers appear next to the chips. It could also bring in animations to liven up the hands.

Poker may be trailing online casino games in the current climate due to the impressive number of innovations in the casino industry. However, the card game is likely to benefit greatly from the rise of VR in the next few years. This could lead to another online poker boom.



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