How to Make Smart Betting Decisions for Maximum Profit

By Julia Krotova
December 19, 2022

Despite being a hobby or a fun pastime, no one would want to go home (or go offline) empty-handed when gambling or placing bets. This is why many players search for a Smart Betting Guide to increase their gains.

But is there such a thing as a guide in gambling, which is mainly a game of luck? Luckily, there are. And knowing them will increase your chances of maximizing your winnings.

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Steps in Making Smart Betting Decisions

Here are some tips you can apply in betting to up your game and increase the possibilities of gaining maximum profit:

Don’t buy points

It’s not wise to resort to buying underdogs up or favourites down and other similar square tendencies. For instance, many bettors get inclined to buy an NFL favourite of -3 down to -2.

However, this sample makes a lousy strategy. In this case, the sportsbooks will charge you more juice.

Look for the best lines

Shop for the best lines to boost your chances of winning. To get this done, you must create accounts at several online sportsbooks.

First, you must do your research on which sportsbooks offer the best line. As a result, you’ll easily find the maximum value when placing your bet.


It’s crucial to do your research before placing any bets. Occasionally, you may get lucky in following your instincts.

However, your guts can only give you luck at times. What you need here is a strategy, something that will make you win consistently.

So do your homework first and foremost. This means evaluating previous matches, identifying the trends, and looking at statistics.

Later on, you will develop sports betting strategies that will work for you.

Don’t bet when you’re drunk

This may sound common sense, but many players place their bets while drunk. How often have you been told never to make decisions when under the influence?

And yet, many people still don’t listen. Consequently, the game providers will love you for having this bad habit.

For instance, did you ever wonder why many Las Vegas casinos provide free alcoholic beverages to clients while they play?

When it comes to sobriety, listen to your mother. Only make important decisions, including betting, when you are sober.

Successful sports bettors make wise decisions. And in order for you to think clearly, you have to avoid drinking when it’s game time.

Never gamble an amount you can’t afford to lose

You should always set aside a “bankroll” to use for gambling when betting on sports. In this instance, bankroll pertains to the available money you can afford to lose.

Of course, you are always hopeful of bringing home big bucks. But it’s still gambling. Regardless of how good your strategies are, you still face the chance of losing.

Moreover, it’s one thing to be positive. But in gambling, it’s not going to do you any good to always hope for the best.

So it is best to set aside a certain amount you will use as your bankroll. You have to allocate one for each time you will place a bet.

Furthermore, it’s wise only to spend a portion of your bankroll each time you gamble. In particular, many money experts advise using 1 to 5 percent of your bankroll each time you make a bet.

Avoid tilting

Tilting or going on a tilt refers to bettors who play while being ruled by their emotions. Certainly, this is as bad as betting while drunk in making decisions.

As a rule, you should stop placing bets once your emotions get high. Moreover, pause and control your temper first after encountering several bad beats.

Later, you can come back and resume placing your bets. But deal with your emotions first and pacify yourself.

Utilize matched betting

Taking advantage of the incentives and bonuses the books offer is wise. In addition, you will likely get these offers when placing bets against or for the same event.

For example, you can use this strategy in placing the same bets for the two teams playing. In this case, you will do the matched betting if it’s a basketball match between the Knicks and Raptors.

This means you will place a bet on the Knicks. Additionally, you will match the amount and place a similar bet for the Raptors.

At the end of it all, winning in any form of gambling depends on the right timing. Further, if you are after the maximum prize, you must ensure your bet goes in at the right time.



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