How Has the Casino Industry Molded our Everyday Lives?

By Sarah Thomas
June 15, 2023

The casino industry is a very tricky one. Not only does it captivate the imagination of players and the attention of lawmakers, but it also affects the way we live, even if we don’t play at land-based or online casinos. Like any other innovative market segment, it often implements perks and practices never seen before, only to attain customers, and incite more people to join.

“Whether you play at polskie kasyno online or any other local online casinos, at standard brick-and-mortar casinos, or think gambling should be banned altogether, the truth is, the gambling industry has shaped your landscape more than you think”, explains Anna Rosak.

Anna Rosak is a Polish gaming expert and digital market specialist, who has witnessed first-hand other industries taking over the ideas spawned from casinos: “It is nothing new to “borrow” successful models from other industries. Still, many people are taken aback when facing the fact that their environment and even behaviour are modelled after certain practices in gambling establishments. But as always, what you don’t know can’t hurt you!”

Let’s take a look at them!

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No Windows in Public Spaces

“Have you noticed how malls, gyms, and other spaces have fewer and fewer windows? These days, they look like labyrinths of underground tunnels, rather than places to hang out. And there is a good reason for that”, reveals Rosak.

Anna claims that brick-and-mortar casinos are famous for two things – no windows and no clocks on the walls. It is believed that people lose track of time once you remove the view of the great outdoors and clocks above their heads.

“We know that nowadays all people have either a smartphone or a smartwatch, so they can easily tell the time. But the thing is – they won’t, especially if they are having fun and have something else to do. Wasting time has been brought to sensational levels”, Anna is honest.

All That You Need in One Place

Some people think that Google was the first brand to think of how to keep people on the campus, but Anna argues it was casinos who did it first. In fact, she even mentioned the most famous Las Vegas establishments as prime examples of keeping people inside the venue in one way or another.

“If you visit any of the MGM resorts, you’ll wish to stay there. For instance, Bellagio is not just a casino, it is a hotel, a spa, a water park, a place with plenty of bars, clubs and restaurants, and plenty of halls for special events. Your company could do the same”, tells Anna, elaborating no one does it from the goodness of their heart, but to keep you under their eye.

Shortening Attention Span

Rosak is convinced that all mobile gaming apps, such as Candy Crush and similar, are actually based on casino gaming mechanisms. Despite removing the gambling element, she is pretty sure how they are oftentimes nothing more than nicely dressed up slot machines.

“Just think about it! You get a flashy game, with cascading elements, spinning reels, special bonus features, and multipliers. It is a slot machine disguised as a game for all generations”, she says.

There must be a point in her opinion, because many therapists agree mobile games, even those that are not real casino games, can easily cause addiction, even among children. “Just because there is no real money win involved, doesn’t mean you are not engaging in something risky”, concludes the expert.

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs are nowadays more common than ever, yet many don’t know it is a practice that originates from the gaming industry.

“A loyalty program makes you think you are getting a bigger bang for your buck, but once it all sums up, it encourages you to spend more than initially planned. You might be purchasing an extra shampoo at the drugstore, although you don’t need it, just to get a  discount, and a casino is making yet another deposit, to get a hold of an extra betting ticket”, explains Rosak.

She suggests taking a closer look at every offer that comes your way. Not all of them are bad, but most of them have little to no value compared to the expense.

VIP treatment

“Casinos are notorious for giving some players a VIP treatment, and so are hair salons, beauty parlours and whatnot. I advise you to always compare the price of the VIP experience with the standard one, and see if the price difference is really worth the tag”, tells the marketing expert.

She notes that sometimes the only difference is a bottle of champagne or some sort of service you won’t get much use of anyway. “In the end, you might not even enjoy bubbly drinks, so it’s better to go with a smaller, more affordable package!”



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