High Roller Bonuses for Poker Players

By Marcus Harmon
November 04, 2020

Everyone likes to be appreciated with a reward. Gamblers and gamers, in particular, experience an amazing ‘high’ whenever the receive a special bonus for playing.

Online casinos and poker rooms have perfected the art of rewarding their most proactive and consistent players. One of the best bonuses that poker players enjoy is the high roller bonus.

Gamers and gamblers who play consistently at an online casino earn the house significantly higher net profits. This group of players is called high-rollers, or ‘whales’ are the most sought after by casinos.

To attract and retain them, the poker rooms offer irresistible privileges and rewards that other players can only dream of.

Are you looking to find out what the benefits of high-roller bonuses are, and who can get them? Read on to find out.

Generous VIP Privileges

Every poker player envies the high-rollers because of the privileges that come with being recognized by the house. Online casinos and poker rooms market themselves today by how well they treat their high-rollers. This is how everyone – from prospecting first-timers to wealthy individuals looking to offload their wealth – judge them by.

The typical high-roller program offers:

a) Generous cashback offers

Just like other players, the high-rollers sometimes lose to the house. Since they wager big, they also lose big. The house mitigates the loss by offering a great cashback program that accords the player a chance to win back a portion of the money they lose.

b) Redeemable loyalty points

Almost every online poker room or casino has some kind of loyalty program. Such a program is designed to reward players just for showing up and playing. The high-roller’s loyalty program takes this a step further with more redeemable points and tiered VIP programs.

c) Personalized services

High-rollers are the VVIPs of the online gaming establishment. On top of the perks of being such an important player is having an account manager on standby at any time of the day, every day. The manager is available to resolve any account issues and answer questions about anything.

d) Priority access to events

The whales enjoy privileged access to live events such as poker tournaments. They also stand a chance to win grand prizes above what the tournaments award. These may include tickets to real-life events such as the NBA finals, pricey toys like supercars, and fully-paid holidays.

Generous Bonuses Earn Players More Playing Time and Greater Wins

While poker is a game of skill, most casino games are based more on chance.

The generous high-roller bonuses allow those player who qualify for them to play a greater variety of games and wager more. It also enables them to play for hours on end with bonus funds, without spending more of their own money.

This means that gamblers and fun-seekers looking to pass the time or win more can enjoy any games – from slots and roulette to blackjack – more. High Roller Bonuses are useful for poker players as well.

Easier and Faster Cash Outs

The quality of service of an online poker room or casino can be judged by how fast they process winners’ cash out requests. Since withdrawal transactions take time to validate and process, delays are common.

High-rollers’ cash out requests, however, sit on the queue for far less time than other players’. Being VVIPs, their requests are validated by account managers faster and processed ahead of everyone else’s. Little will be asked of you before your cash out, or deposit requests are processed.

The priority treatment applies to bonus’ processing as well. If you are a high-roller, the online poker room or casino at which you play will treat you differently because you are more valuable to them than other players.

Biggest Wins for the Big Players

Of course, the greater your wager size or the stakes you play for, the greater the potential prize winnings you can amass. You may not always win, of course – after all, there’s luck and variance to consider, but when you win, you’ll win big.

If you did not know, the high-roller bonus can be a minimum of $500 to as high as $10,000. How much would you win if you had such an amount to play with as a bonus only?


There are plenty of different types of poker players and casino gamers and gamblers. Some are content with playing casually and winning small amounts here and there. Others dream of having the spotlight on them by playing for the highest stakes imaginable. As we’ve detailed here in this article, if you’re prepared to set aside lots of money for online game play, be prepared to be treated like royalty with high roller bonus benefits.



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Marcus Harmon

Marcus Harmon is a poker writer and editor of Sunshine Poker Rooms, a poker news and information source. With a decade of experience in the online gaming industry, Marcus has been lucky enough to have met and indeed been beaten by some of the great players. His other passions are soccer and travel.

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