Advantages of crypto gambling

By Marcus Harmon
December 01, 2021

The active evolution of blockchain technology has played a major role in online transactions in recent years. Consequently, the online gambling sector seems to have profited the most from incorporating blockchain technology through crypto gambling.

Of course, the opportunity to play various games in casinos using cryptocurrency is an absolute delight, but there are other numerous benefits of placing crypto bets. Here, we’ve explored some of the top advantages of crypto gambling and a few of the important cons to note.

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Notable pros of crypto gambling

There are different kinds of digital currency gambling operators, and you’ll benefit from the perks they offer once you sign up with your preferred platform. For instance, you can choose a Bitcoin or Ethereum site or opt for an operator that accepts various forms of crypto.

Below are a few of the advantages of crypto gambling. Keep in mind that the source, will make the right filtering for you as a new crypto gambling player, and will make sure to eliminate and not to recommend any fraud or scammy bitcoin casino. The most important step to take, before you make any deposit to bitcoin casino, is to make sure this is the best bitcoin casino to play, in terms of regulations, bonuses and experience.


Anonymity is something that every gambler values, and it’s one of the key crypto gambling advantages. To begin with, the wallet where you save your coins doesn’t require any personal data or identity. It also allows you to manage your funds directly without any interference.

In addition, most cryptocurrency casinos will not request your documents for KYC or withdrawal of your winnings. A few gambling sites may even let you gamble with digital currencies without signing up.

No location restrictions

Another of the many advantages of crypto gambling is the absence of restrictions. Bitcoin casino and other bitcoin gambling assets are considered illegal in several countries, including China, the UAE, and some parts of the United States. However, many crypto betting platforms accept all players regardless of the gambling laws in your location.

Games variety

The range of games offered by crypto gambling platforms is comparable to that of the best traditional casinos. In some cases, the games may exceed your expectations. Fans of the classic can play famous casino games like roulette, blackjack, and slot machines using crypto.

Also, you’ll find the best quality of games. The same renowned developers providing games to traditional casinos offer their products to digital currency gambling sites.

Fairness and transparency

The nature of blockchain ensures crypto games are fair: any user may verify whether the game’s outcome was calculated using random numbers or whether the operator or other players manipulated it. You simply enter the bet ID number and some other parameters on the site to get fast and independent verification of each bet placed and see if everything is in order.

As a result, you can trust that the game’s outcome is genuine and without influence from the operator. It is beneficial to the operator also because more people prefer sites with a good reputation.

Great Bonuses

Just like standard online casinos, you can expect lots of bonus offers at crypto casino sites, all are listed on the best bitcoin casino guide. Asides from welcome bonuses and some promotional offers, some gambling platforms reward customers for making payments using crypto.

Better odds

Any casino is, first and foremost, a business that seeks to make gains from its consumers. The term “House Edge” or “Casino Advantage” refers to the percentage of every bet a casino can make from each game. The opposite of house edge is the RTP, which is the percentage of bets that could be paid out in wins on a specific game.

The house edge ratio varies depending on your game, ranging from 1 to 15% on conventional online casinos. On the other hand, Crypto casinos have the lowest house edge of any online casino, ranging between 0.5 and 3%. Usually, it is displayed on the casino’s website to tell you exactly what your chances of winning are.

Cons Of Crypto Gambling

The pros and cons of crypto gambling are essential to note, especially for first-time bettors. If you’re dealing in  Bitcoin as the main currency or coins like Ethereum, USDT, EOS and others, there are two critical cons in gambling with digital currencies.


You may not have to worry about the safety of your transactions at digital currency sites. However, cryptocurrencies tend to be very volatile, so they have unstable values. If you make a big win in crypto and the value of the chosen crypto drops, you may end up feeling like your win wasn’t worth it. However, you may enjoy more profit if the value of your chosen crypto is higher at the time of your big win.


As much as digital currencies have no boundaries, there are certain places in the world where they are not supported. Many governments have openly frowned upon the use of virtual currencies for transactions within their jurisdiction.

Also, gambling seems to suffer the same fate. Some regions do not license casinos to operate and frown upon all forms of gambling activities. So if you are in an area where digital currencies and online gambling are prohibited, you may not enjoy crypto gambling. Therefore, it is essential to confirm where your government stands when it comes to gambling and cryptocurrencies.



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