5 Online Casino Games You Can Play To Win Real Money

By Marcus Harmon
November 10, 2022

It’s pertinent to note that playing games online shouldn’t just be a means of entertainment but also an avenue to earn real money. Therefore if you live for the fun of gambling, with the proper planning, strategizing, and a bit of luck, you can win real cash. 


Michelle H. Thomas, an expert in the gambling industry, emphasizes the need for every gambler to make a living for them, which can only be possible through a best real money online casino Canada. They can then access games that pay real cash for every game won. 

It’s essential to know that to make money online as a gambler; there are certain things you must bring to your notice; the credibility of the games you want to play and the sites to play them on because of the influx of betting sites on the internet. Nevertheless, this article provides in-depth information on five online casino games you can play to win real money, and they are as follows: 


You can play roulette online and earn a good amount of cash to improve your livelihood. However, the problem lies with finding a trustworthy online casino to win real money in Canada due to the significant increase in online scams capable of compromising a gambler’s financial information. 

The rules of roulette don’t change; it remains the most unpredictable online casino game ever because winning majors on luck rather than expertise, and you get to wager against the house and not some experienced players, which grants you a fair playground. 

Despite roulette being a game of chance, there are several strategies available on the internet that can help increase your chances of winning or minimize your losses when you play roulette online. 


Blackjack is one of the few online casino games you can play and make cool cash. Unlike roulette, it’s a card game where you can wager against the house; winning depends on your level of expertise. 

It’s essential to know that though blackjack is available on many online casino sites, you can only earn real money on a few. Therefore, doing your due research on any site before staking your money to play blackjack is one of the best pieces of gambling advice you’d ever receive. 


Playing baccarat online can also earn you a considerable amount of money, if not more. It’s one of the oldest casino games that made it from gambling houses to the internet. It is a comparing card game played between two hands, the “player” and the “banker.”


Like every other game, there are rules to playing baccarat, and should they be strictly adhered to, it’ll help you win against the best of opponents or reduce your loss rate to the barest minimum if you’re prudent with your stakes. 

Video Poker

There’s an important difference between video poker and poker, the former being one that casino lovers play regularly and the latter being the main game covered here at Cardplayer Lifestyle pitting players against each other in cash game and tournament formats. Anyhow, you can make real money playing video poker online. Technology has made it possible to enjoy these games without leaving the comfort of your home. 

Depending on each machine’s paytable, you could fare very well playing optimal strategy at video poker games and you might even win a progressive jackpot if you hit a royal flush without using wild cards like jokers or deuces.

Online Slots 

Another casino game that you can win real money at is online slots. Playing online slots can reward you with life-changing money if you’re fortunate enough to be a lucky winner. It’s essential to note that the slot machine is a game of chance like roulette. Hence, the need to gamble responsibly by creating a budget and not exceeding it. 

To make real money playing slots, it’s not compulsory to have prior knowledge about it. Frankly, all you have to do is be lucky, sitting in the right online casino at the right online slot game at the right time.


Many people enjoy playing online casino games, and they can be quite fun especially if you’re lucky enough to win big money while playing them. Every bettor should know that while many casino games are available online, there are a particular few that by definition, based on the payout percentages, afford you a greater opportunity to win money. This article has focused on five of those games. Also, just be sure you’re playing at a reputable online casino that has good reviews and is licensed and regulated. Trusted casino sites are where it’s at.



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Marcus Harmon

Marcus Harmon is a poker writer and editor of Sunshine Poker Rooms, a poker news and information source. With a decade of experience in the online gaming industry, Marcus has been lucky enough to have met and indeed been beaten by some of the great players. His other passions are soccer and travel.

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