5 Online Blackjack Tips And Tricks For Beginners

By Sarah Thomas
December 27, 2022

Because of technology, everyone’s way of life continues to change, from the way people communicate to how they may travel. Another aspect that technology has touched on is gambling, which can now be done online. One notable example is the ability to play blackjack online. This has made it easier and more convenient for you to play casino games without leaving the comforts of your own home.

Getting started in playing blackjack online will certainly be different compared to playing in physical casinos. Firstly, playing blackjack online would require choosing a site to play in and registering as a user. Afterward, you’ll have to cash in through an online transaction which can be done by connecting to your online wallet or credit card.

From there, you’ll find that platforms often offer multiple online casino games, so you’ll have to choose blackjack. Expect that the catalog of games will differ from platform to platform, with 7 different live blackjack games that some offer.


Certainly, playing blackjack online will be an entirely different experience. It will also require a different strategy for you to win. If you’re new to online blackjack, here are some tips and tricks you might find useful:

1. Don’t Solely Rely On Card Counting

When playing blackjack online, you’ll have the choice of playing with a virtual dealer and environment or live blackjack. Understanding these two differences when playing online is crucial, as you can’t do card counting on the former. Card counting isn’t possible when playing online with a virtual dealer, as the process of dealing is automated and animated.

This is worth remembering if you’ve played blackjack in a physical casino before and have done card counting. However, if you will play live blackjack, consider studying card counting and improving this skill, as it must be done right to succeed.

2. Keep 12’s And 13’s

If you’re a beginner blackjack player, you may feel inclined to keep drawing more cards if you start the game with a 12 or 13. However, this is a common beginner mistake. One key concept to remember is that blackjack is a game of understanding the quantity of the remaining decks.

At the beginning of a blackjack game, notably, when you have 12’s or 13’s, you know your hand and the dealer’s upcard. Based on this observation, you can assume that his facedown might be a ten, as this is the value of tens to kings.

From there, the next thing to observe is the opening card. If their opening card is weak, the best move would be to consider standing on any hand beyond 11, as the dealer might have a 14, 15, or 16.

It’s worth noting that the dealer might never go beyond 21 during this situation. However, you’ll find that based on the odds, sticking to this practice improves your chances of more wins.

3. Study Fundamental Blackjack Strategy

Another strategy to remember is the fundamental blackjack strategies wherein card combinations often have complementary schemes. Besides this, there are also blackjack strategy cards that help guide you on your next decisions in the game. These fundamental strategies are known to highly improve your chances as they’re based on mathematical solutions.

However, when doing so, you’ll also want to make sure that the strategies you employ are appropriate for the kind of game you’re currently playing. This is because there are various kinds of blackjack too.

4. Don’t Go Beyond Your Limits

A fourth tip you should consider noting is that it is wise to avoid going beyond your limits. It would be best if you remained responsible for avoiding losing money in the long run when playing offline and online casino games.

This means knowing when it’s crucial to stop playing in both set win or loss scenarios. For instance, it would be time to stop playing when you’ve gained a certain amount of profit or lost a certain amount of money.

5. Double Down

Fifth, consider utilizing the double-down technique. This strategy involves doubling your bet after receiving two cards, that is if you find a high chance of winning, particularly once you’ve been dealt 11 as a starting hand. This is especially worth considering as you might get a 10 after getting the next card, resulting in a hand amounting to 21.


While playing online blackjack can bring a different experience than playing in a physical casino, you’ll also have to employ different strategies to win. Fortunately, some tried and tested strategies from experienced trainers are already available. With the list above, you’ll now be able to play online blackjack better. Consider practicing the tips and tricks above when playing to increase your chances of winning.



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