3 of the easiest online casino games to win

By Julia Krotova
July 04, 2022

When you are new at anything, it is always natural to want to start with the easiest thing you can and then work your way up. It is even more natural when the consequence of failing means losing something valuable, such as your money. Casino games are all about gambling, this takes either luck or skill or both. These games will not guarantee that you will win, but they sure will give you a better chance as a beginner.

In particular, there are three very popular online casino games where the more you practice and become more skilled at placing the right kids of bets, the more you increase your chances of winning.


Not only is Blackjack an easy card game to learn, but it is also gives you the best odds of winning. In Poker you have to learn the rules of how to play against other players who could likely be a lot more skilled than you are. With Blackjack, by contrast, you only play against the dealer. You get your cards and either keep the cards you have or ask for more cards, and you have to reach as close to 21 as you can before the dealer reaches 17. If your total is higher than the dealer, you win!

You just need to be careful not to exceed a point value of 21, which would mean that you bust. That might sound simple, but it’s harder than it looks!

blackjack chips

Live Roulette

There is regular online roulette where you play against a computer and there is روليتمباشر . In live Roulette you enter a live stream and play with other real people against a real live dealer. Live Roulette is favored by many people because it feels more realistic. When playing Roulette, it is quite obvious that it’s a game of pure chance. You bet on a number and color, either red or black, or the one green number which is quite risky. Then the dealer spins the wheel in one direction and throws the ball in the opposite direction and once the momentum of both stalls, the ball then falls into one of the number and color pockets. If the ball falls into a slot whose number matches where you’ve places your bet, you win.

To be sure, there are inside bets (which pay more) and outside bets (which pay less), with the inside bets being harder to hit. It all depends on your level of gamble — if you’re prepared to take bigger risks in Roulette, the payoffs are larger, too.


Video Poker

This version of the classic game can be played both online and offline, and it only requires just the basic level of Poker knowledge. For regular Poker, a deeper knowledge and skill is needed to win. With regular Poker you not only need to keep in mind about the cards of your opponents but also your own cards, with video Poker the way to win depends on your card combination and not much else. There are less strict rules for video Poker and the simplicity of it is what draws many people towards this variation of the game.

The most important thing to know about video poker is that paytables matter. Depending on the machine you’re sitting at, you could be paid more or less for making the same winning card combination (e.g., a full house), so best pay attention to those potential payouts before you start playing.

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Julia is a freelance writer with an affinity for poker. She plays in the occasional home game in the UK with her gal pals for low stakes and is an avid fan of free-to-play online poker games.

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