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Red Chip Poker MTT 3-Bet Shoves Crash Course: A Thorough Review

Many poker courses out there offer plenty of tips, strategies and knowledge, but they’re not specifically focused on one aspect of the game. Red Chip Poker’s MTT 3-Bet Shoves Crash Course by Ben Hayles and Gareth James does the opposite, zooming in on MTT 3-Bet Shove ranges.

Costing just $69.99, you get tremendous value from this crash course, which will surely pay for itself very quickly as you integrate its lessons into your game. We highly recommend it.

5 Reasons Why It’s Still Worth Visiting Atlantic City to Play Poker

Much ink has been spilled about the ongoing demise of Atlantic City. It’s heyday was long ago, and multiple casinos and poker rooms have been lost to the dustbin of history. With that said, Atlantic City is still a great place to play poker and you can certainly find reasons to pay a visit.

Here, then, are five reasons poker players ought to consider a visit to Atlantic City.

Staking Satellites: Bringing More Women to the Felt

Bringing more women into poker has long been an industry goal, but Poker League of Nations (PLON) aims to bring more poker to women specifically via staging staking satellites.

This article takes a closer look at what those are and how they work, as well as how they’re enabling more women to participate in the game we all love and even win their way to a shot at the WSOP Main Event.