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Are You One of these Top 9 Poker Player Type Personalities?

By 888poker
November 16, 2021

Have you ever noticed the same types of players at your poker tables?

  • There is the guy who 3bets a lot preflop and seems overly aggressive.
  • Or maybe there is that guy who plays any two cards, and open limps a lot preflop.
  • Or what about that guy who hardly ever enters the pot, always waiting for premiums.

Of course, every opponent we run into at the tables is technically different.

But we can’t help noticing that some of them seem to share similar tendencies.

Personality – Player Type –  Profiling

Grouping players into categories based on their playing style or ‘personality’ is player profiling.

Player profiling is a valuable skill because it helps us understand how to adjust our game plan based on our opponent’s play style.

This guide will introduce us to the most common types of poker personality profiles.

TAG – Tight Aggressive

TAG or ‘tight aggressive’ is sometimes described as the ‘king of poker styles’. More winning poker players fall into this personality type than any of the others.

This style is also the recommended type  for newer players looking to make profits as quickly as possible.

The name ‘tight aggressive’ comes from the fact that this player profile enters the pot with a tight range of hands. They then proceed to play aggressively postflop.

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