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12 Ways to Play Poker without Poker Chips!

By 888poker
November 23, 2021

To wager bets in poker, you need to play with some sort of currency – or something that can act as a specific value. Poker chips are the most common thing to use for this in poker.

But what about when you don’t have a poker chip set available, and you want to play?

Well, fear not! In this article, we’ll reveal some other substitutes you can use for poker chips.

We’ll also go over other considerations when determining what to use:

12 Brilliant Alternatives to Poker Chips

1. Real Money: What is it that poker chips typically replace? Real money! So, why not skip the chips altogether and use this old-fashioned method?

Say it’s not for stakes like those played in typical home games or at a casino. What’s stopping you from breaking out the change jar and just using the nickels and dimes that you’ve saved up over the years?

You’ve already got all the “chip” denominations there in front of you. Being able to stack the coins is simply a bonus!

2. Fake Money: Say you’ve got a game like Monopoly or The Game of LIFE somewhere in your house. Then you’ve already got some counterfeit bills from these games handy. Use them to represent wagers in a poker game.

Best yet, while the bills might be of the same size, you can easily determine the value denominations. Look at the colours on the print! You don’t even have to rely solely on reading the big number on the front of each bill!

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