Get to Know the Poker Media: Paul Oresteen

The latest interviewee in our ongoing Get to Know the Poker Media series is Paul Oresteen. He was kind enough to open up to us about how he got his start in the poker industry and his work with Poker Central. As with anyone, however, what makes the story unique are the personal elements, and Paul’s story is truly one-of-a-kind.

We have no doubt you’ll enjoy getting to know him better, too.

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Casino Games Can Also Teach You Some Poker Lessons

While poker purists may feel that their beloved game stands fully apart from other casino games, the fact of the matter is that it’s still possible to learn some poker-related skills from those games. In fact, taking a correct strategic approach and mathematical mindset to casino games, there are actually plenty of transferable skills you can utilize at the poker tables.

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Interview with Vince Van Patten

We all know Vince Van Patten from his illustrious 15-year-long (and counting) career working as a commentator for the World Poker Tour. He’s also had a tremendously fascinating life prior to joining the poker world, having worked extensively in Hollywood as well as being a professional tennis player, and more.

Enjoy the video, with transcript also provided for your convenience.

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Staying Safe While Playing Unregulated Online Poker

While we can’t stress enough that you shouldn’t be playing online poker for real money on unregulated sites, the fact is that a lot of people out there will do so anyhow. For that reason, the least we can help you out with is tips for how to keep your namkroll as safe as possible.

Be sure to keep your wits about you and check out our article on how to keep your bankroll safe on unregulated online poker sites.

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Poker Room Review: Seminole Hard Rock – Hollywood, Florida

Having had the opportunity to play in a few low-stakes cash game sessions at the Seminole Hard Rock – Hollywood, Florida poker room, I thought I’d write up a review.

Overall, I really enjoyed my playing experience, and it’s a well-run room. Read on to find out more details, and why you should visit.

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3 Ways to Use Online Poker Statistics to Your Advantage

If you want to take online poker seriously and improve your game, you better start engaging in proper data analysis. Utilize the numerous features offered by HUDs and ensure optimal study and improvement via well-honed techniques.

More information on precisely how to do that can be found in this strategy post.

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