A Pennywise Poker Player’s Perspective on Sports Betting

The Raiders have moved to Las Vegas. The city will also debut a new NHL franchise, the Golden Knights. In light of these developments, and with poker players loving sports betting so much, Chad Holloway hopes that betting on sports will soon become legal throughout the United States.

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Is Trump’s Presidency Bad for the US Online Poker & Gambling Industry?

Is there an increased likelihood that online poker will be legalized on a federal level now that Donald Trump is the US President?

We examine the situation and try to answer precisely that question in this article.

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3 Things Regulators Should Finally Get Straight About Poker

Proponents of online poker would love nothing more than to see it legalized and regulated in as many jurisdictions as possible. The problem many lawmakers seem to have, however, is that they lump online poker together with online casino gaming when, in fact, the two are quite different from one another.

We list three of the main differences for regulators to consider.

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In Defense of Humanity

Finally the world decides to pay attention to poker, but the story they’re interested in is that Libratus, an artificial intelligence program devised by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University, beat humans at the game. How sad.

Sometimes you have to swim against the tide. With mainstream media shouting to the heavens that “humans are doomed at poker”, I felt the need to pen an op-ed in defense of humanity. Let’s not forget what makes poker so engaging and enjoyable: it’s the PEOPLE! That’s what the world ought to be paying more attention to.

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Doug Polk’s Thoughts on Twitch Poker in 2017

Twitch continues to grow and flourish, while poker finds itself on the upswing in 2017. What’s in store on the Twitch Poker front this year?

Doug Polk, one of the most popular streamers on both YouTube and Twitch, checks in with his thoughts in an exclusive to the Cardplayer Lifestyle poker blog.

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Here’s How partypoker Can Become Relevant Again

These days, when you think “online poker room” you probably only think about PokerStars. It makes sense; after all, they’re the world leader by far. 888poker might also come to mind, as a solid #2. But what ever happened to partypoker? They used to be the dominant force in the online poker marketplace. Nowadays? They’re a distant seventh place…

For partypoker to become more relevant and join in the conversation again, they ought to try some new strategies like the ones outlines in this op-ed.

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