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Igor and Liv Barcelona

My First Time Watching Someone Win a Million

Bradley Chalupski had never attended a professional poker tournament series before. His first experience was covering the 2017 PokerStars Championship Barcelona.

In this post, he explains to us what it was like, including watching Igor Kurganov win a million and all the emotions that accompany that.

We hope you enjoy this unique perspective on what has become quite a commonplace occurrence.

Poker home game

5 Big-Time Events for Home Game Poker Players

Meeting poker celebs, playing in WSOP events, poker trips to Vegas… all of that sounds like a dream life (or bucket list items) to the typical home game poker hero. If and when you’re fortunate enough to have a chance to experience any of those, it’s a pretty big deal!

Check out our list of big-time events for home game players and let us know if you feel we ought to add any more!

Poker Hall of Fame

7 Ways the Poker Hall of Fame Should Be Changed

The Poker Hall of Fame continues to be a source of limitless debate in the poker community. Everything from the list of annual nominees to the ceremony (or lack thereof) is fair game, as James Guill tackles ways in which the Poker Hall of Fame ought to be changed.

See what you think of his seven suggestions. If you agree, show your support by spreading the word!