Top 10 starting hands in Texas Hold ‘Em

Some people might disagree with me but hey this is my blog.


1. Ace-Ace

A pair of aces, also known as “pocket rockets” (and sometimes “American Airlines”) is the best starting hand for Texas Hold ‘Em.

2. King-King

Second on the list is a pair of kings, also known as “cowboys” or “King Kong.”

3. Queen-Queen

A pair of queens, also known as “ladies,” rounds out the top three best starting hands for Texas Holdem Poker.

4. Ace-King (suited)

This is where people start to disagree. A suited ace-king, also known as “big slick,” is my pick as the fourth best starting hand for Texas Hold ‘Em.

5. Ace-Queen (suited)

The suited “big chick,” or “little slick,” the nicknames given to a pocket ace-queen, is fifth on the list.

6. Jack-Jack

A pair of jacks — also known as “hooks” or “fishhooks” — checks in at number six on my list.

7. King-Queen (suited)

A suited royal couple, king-queen, is next in the list of Texas Hold ‘Em Poker’s most powerful starting hands.

8. Ace-Jack (suited)

Nicknamed “blackjack” for obvious reasons, and sometimes called “ajax,” the ace-jack combo rates eighth.

9. Ace-King (offsuit)

Only one offsuit non-pair makes it into my list of the top 10 best starting hands for Texas Holdem Poker — the “big slick,” an ace-king.

10. 10-10

This is the only starting hand in the top 10 without a face card: a pair of tens (aka “dimes”). Some players believe that a suited king-jack is a stronger starting hand.

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