World Poker Tour Rolls Out New WatchWPT App

By Jennifer Newell
August 07, 2023

It may not be official. There is no press release. But the World Poker Tour’s new app is available as a website or an app for iOS and Android.

WatchWPT is a way for WPT Enterprises to bring the World Poker Tour to poker fans at their convenience. Making it an app allows it to fit into the busiest of lifestyles, but its availability as a website ( gives viewers even more options.

I’ll admit that I didn’t know the WPT had an app that needed to be improved. The “new and improved” WatchWPT has a new user interface and more content.

Reason for WatchWPT App Relaunch

According to the World Poker Tour, the relaunch of WatchWPT was to broaden its reach, taking it to the level of an app that poker fans can access from their mobile devices. At the same time, they launched the product for availability on Vizio and LG Smart TVs. Soon to follow will be Samsung and Philips TVs.

More than that, the relaunch is a part of the rebranding efforts that began last year for the World Poker Tour. With the Season XX changes, WatchWPT was slated for upgrades as well. It now has an improved interface and provides a more user-friendly experience.

What to Watch on WatchWPT

The vast library of World Poker Tour events is on the WatchWPT app and website. Check out everything from old Grand Prix de Paris and Legends of Poker final tables to Alpha8 and celebrity specials. There are also collections of the most memorable WPT final tables from the past as well final tables and livestreams from the 2022 WPT World Championship at Wynn Las Vegas.

Currently, the categories by season includes everything from Season 8 of the World Poker Tour through Season 18. All three seasons of Alpha8 high rollers are available as well.

More episodes are being added, however, including that 20th season finale at Wynn last year and the livestreamed cash games from that event.

It appears that the team behind WatchWPT is still uploading additional episodes and footage. According to the WPT, this will continue through next year as the library becomes home to more classic content to complement new footage.

Free Registration

There is a registration feature, which simply requires a login name, password, and email. This allows viewers to use extras like the “continue watching” feature, so you can stop watching an episode or stream at any point and resume at that place when you return.

You can also “favorite” certain episodes to rewatch later. This is an especially helpful feature if you see poker hands that you want to watch again to improve your own poker game.

There was a downside to my experience with the app though, namely a lot of ads. Before watching a video, there are six ads, though some of them are very short.

The upside, however, is that the app and content is free. In a world where TV watchers now have to seemingly pay for every channel available, the World Poker Tour’s shows are free on apps like this. And its availability through an app makes it easier to watch on a mobile device and on the go.

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