Game Theory Tables To Release “The Arena” – Digital Gaming Table For Dungeons and Dragons

By Brian Cherry
February 09, 2024

For those millions of people who have their own personal dungeons, call themselves Dungeon Masters and know what the term “Nat 20” means, has Game Theory Tables got the table for you!


On February 14th, 2024, Game Theory Tables is going to make the dreams of every avid Table Top Role Playing Gamer (TTRPG) come true. At least the dreams that don’t involve Scarlett Johansson. On that day, they are going to drop The Arena, a fully digital board game table created specifically for DnD players to give them the ultimate gaming experience.

Game Theory Tables The Arena

This unique playing surface is a completely custom, commercial quality, android display that is 65″ with touchscreen functionality. It features a robust tempered glass surface where the players can go to war without the worry of damaging it, no matter how good the dice roll.

This is a huge deal for gamers and it has already created a massive amount of buzz. For years players have tried to DIY their way to happiness by building their own versions of what is now The Arena. Game Theory Tables, already an industry leader, built on this idea and became the first company to develop a fully integrated product specifically for the TTRPG enthusiasts.


So, what happens on Valentines Day? Well, on February 14th, Game Theory Tables will launch their Kickstarter for The Arena. This will be a short run, only 30 days, and all orders will be fulfilled within 12 months. That means by next Valentine’s Day you could be sitting in the The Arena’s spacious DM Command Center, directing the action as your gaming group slaughters Orcs in the name of love.

This is not Game Theory Tables’ first rodeo when it comes to Kickstarters. In 2021 they launched their first ever Kickstarter for their Origins gaming table. By the end of its 30-day run they had raised $1.1 million, and the product became a reality. A year later customers were happily locked in, enjoying their new tables and Game Theory Tables knew there was a criminally underserved market out there.


So, who exactly is Game Theory Tables and why are they so eager for you to own a gaming table? Well, it all begins with a company known as BBO Poker Tables. For the past decade, they have held the title as the worldwide leader in premium, personalized poker tables, as serious players worldwide can attest.

In 2019 the board game market began to explode. It became so big that the industry’s yearly convention, GenCon, would sell out like a Taylor Swift concert. This shift in the gaming market had not gone unnoticed by BBO who were not only selling poker tables to customers for the purpose of TTRPG gaming but were also fielding requests from customers asking them to make TTRPG specific gaming tables.

In business you give the people what they want, and in 2020 BBO Poker Tables embarked on a journey to create the ideal board game table with the same values as BBO products. They would be individualized, high quality, and scalable but priced within reach of the average gamer. To this end, they launched a sister brand, Game Theory Tables.

Making the leap from poker to board gaming wasn’t a stretch. The overlap in poker and board gaming is that both are strategic and the same type of minds that play poker often enjoy board games. There are so many different titles out there that it will make your head spin. So, they tested the market with their first Kickstarter, which was wildly successful.

They followed up the success of their first Kickstarter in 2021 with the Origins Coffee Table in 2022. This was a standard size coffee table which transformed into a full-size board game table that you could play from the comfort of your couch.

In 2023 the company lit up their flagship table and rolled out The Origins LIT, that subsequent Kickstarter campaign raised $1.2M and was fulfilled within 12 months. This all led us to where we now, The Arena.


Okay, usually those words are followed by something about going where no man has gone before, but we’ve all played DnD before, so that ship has sailed. But it has been a five-year journey to get to this point and the ride is not over. Game Theory Tables has always been big on letting the customer tell them what they want. And once the Dungeons and Dragons players, 50 million worldwide, got wind of what Game Theory Tables was doing, they were not shy with their opinions.

The ones Game Theory Tables spoke with wanted a table that would create a completely unique player experience. It was during these discussions that GameTheory representatives were first told about those early DIY efforts at a digital table, and it that inspiration became The Arena. Finally players had unlimited maps rendered in 4K quality for their adventures.

Game Theory Tables’ core mission is the same as poker, to create unforgettable memories between friends and families and elevate the experience for as many players as possible. And Game Theory Tables is up to the challenge.



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