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Playing Poker for the Love of the Game

Last time I played poker in Atlantic City, I was able to internalize an important poker lesson. As a result, I had one of the best poker sessions I’ve ever experienced. I’m not referring to how much money I walked away from the poker tables with, but rather the experience I took with me from that poker session. Playing poker for the love of the game is something every recreational poker player should strive for at all times. Read on to better understand what I mean by that.

Robbie Strazynski and Matt Glantz

Matt Glantz – The First Professional Poker Player I Ever Met

With all I’ve done and accomplished in the poker world, living in Israel hadn’t yet afforded me the opportunity to meet a professional poker player in person. That opportunity finally came just recently, when I met all-around poker ambassador Matt Glantz at the Parx poker room. This blog post details the encounter and what it was like for me to finally meet a professional poker player for the first time.

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Parx Poker Room Review

I had the good fortune of playing poker at one of the top poker destinations in the United States, the Parx poker room. I also got to meet the room’s ambassador, Matt Glantz in the flesh! If you want to know more about what it’s like to visit this 60+-table room, interact with some of the friendliest dealers and floor staff, and just get a general impression of the place, read on. I highly recommend playing there!

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Preparing for Life at the World Series of Poker

While it might seem incredibly glamorous to be at the World Series of Poker for the entire summer, there’s also a flip side of that coin, especially if you’re there to work. Lee Davy opens up on the harder parts about life at the WSOP, when all the poker sure is fun to be around, but what’s missing from life makes it pretty darn tough. Curious what dims the poker sparkle? Read on for more.

Colin Jones

The Top 5 Differences Between Professional Poker and Professional Blackjack Players

Poker and blackjack are both played in casinos all over the word and have plenty in common. When it comes to professional poker players and professional blackjack players, however, we’re talking about two very different kinds of people. Colin Jones, a professional blackjack player, gives us the rundown of the main differences between the two. We also hear a bit from Andy Bloch, a former pro blackjack player and now a poker pro. Read on for more details.

Secrets of Professional Tournament Poker

Review: Jonathan Little’s Secrets of Professional Tournament Poker Series

If you’re looking to purchase a great poker book, there’s a series of three, by Jonathan Little, that we highly recommend. Having read through all three volumes of his series, called Secrets of Professional Tournament Poker, I think poker players, both casual and grinders, will find it educational and helpful for their bottom line. Read on for the specifics of why I feel that’s the case