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What the Flop?: I Came. I Saw. I Cried.

This is the second article in a series by Christina Bradfield entitled “What the Flop?” a poker column about the absurdities, humor, and just “random stuff” that goes along with playing poker.

In this second installment, Christina shares a “hidden truth” of her poker play that perhaps some others can identify with: sometimes after a tough session at the felt you need a good cry.


Good Job, Stupid: Poker Room-Induced Tilt and How NOT to End a Downswing

All Mike Patrick wanted to do was head out to play some poker. A series of events leading up to the beginning of his session induced tilt before he even sat down to play a hand.

This is the (hilariously heartbreaking) story of what went down before and during that poker session, as well as the lessons other players can learn with regard to how to potentially avoid making stupid mistakes.