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Dan Ross

Get to Know the Poker Media: Dan Ross

In the latest installment in our ongoing Get to Know the Poker Media series, we interview Dan Ross. With over a decade of experience, Dan’s work as proprietor of Hold’em Media is well known and his reputation as a poker journalist and live reporter is nothing short of stellar.

This is a man who loves poker and working in the industry, happy to let his work ethic speak for itself, but it’s time to get to know him better and how he got started in the first place. Let’s take a few minutes to enjoy Dan’s story.

simultaneous live and online poker

Transitioning from Online to Live Poker Play

After 6 years playing online, Cardplayer Lifestyle contributor Shannon Mack is beginning to make the transition to live poker. In this general update, he takes us along and shares the progress he has made.

There’s a lot that aspiring poker players out there can learn from reading Shannon’s story. Have a read through and see how his experiences can help you blaze your own path in poker.

Entering WSOP bracelet event

After 16 Years, It’s Finally Time to Go Bracelet Hunting at the WSOP

In this essay, I attempt to capture the multitude of feelings and emotions I’m going through as I prepare to enter and play in my first World Series of Poker bracelet event.

Almost 30 years after having learned the game as a kid around the kitchen table, after over 16 years of being a hardcore poker fan, and after close to a decade being involved in poker media, it’s finally time to take my seat at the table and commence #bracelethunting at the WSOP.

kosher WSOP

Keeping Kosher in Las Vegas During the World Series of Poker: The Ultimate Guide

“What to do about food” is always a popular topic for poker players at the WSOP, but for those who keep a strictly kosher diet, knowing the available options is absolutely critical. There are plenty of great kosher restaurants throughout the city of Las Vegas, as well as a number of kosher supermarkets at which to purchase a wide variety of kosher food items.

Here, then, is the ultimate guide to keeping kosher in Las Vegas during the World Series of Poker (as well as throughout the rest of the year), including a complete listing of all kosher establishments and marketplaces.

mystery person

Interview with Grinder X

The lifestyle of a Las Vegas-based cash game grinder is certainly a unique an interesting one. In the quest to get a better understanding of this lifestyle, WSOP bracelet winner Chris “Fox” Wallace sat down with one for an interview.

“Grinder X” (who wished to remain anonymous) taught Chris a number of lessons, and he was able to walk away with some insightful takeaways… some of which may surprise you.